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bonneh evicted from bbuk

bonneh is the first housemate to be evicted from the bb house uk. this is in addition to shabang leaving on his own accord for being too annoying and dawn being ejected for cheating. bonneh took the news well, i guess she had been expecting it. lea, aka 49ddd, seems to be the one most affected by bonneh eviction. later on, nikki was complaining about how georgie porgie doesnt fancy her. i sure as hell hope so, cause she is one annoying bird. no one in their right mind would hook up with her on national tv. george is trying to go after grace, shes playing with mikey and him for the moment. and the 5 year old nikki is having a fit in the john.

imogen has rebuffed sezer attempts. she has given him the cold shoulder for the last day, stopped his paws from touching her, for the moment at least. no more kissy kissy lovey lovey for sezer the geezer. a part from that, im getting a laugh watching petes antics on bbuk.

bonneh. "efferyting n' efferyting" she says on her audition tape while holding up her shirt to show off her flabby belly. yuck. more on when i get the eviction footage in an hour.

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lost season 3 spoilers

some interesting spoilers from

05/26 – I just received some exclusive intel on the new characters joining Lost. In addition to the two female roles, the show is also adding a new hunk. Descriptions are: Female, 30s, with leadership qualities. Female, early 20s, very attractive. Male, Latino, early 20s, handsome, mysterious quality. My guess? These are some of the "background" survivors that Carlton Cuse told me would emerge next season. Source: The Ausiello Report
05/26 – Next season will be about the Others, as led by the oblique Henry Gale (played by Michael Emerson, who will join the regular cast). Mr. Cuse listed what viewers will learn about the Others by this time next year: "Who are these people? How many of them are there? What is their history? What are they trying to accomplish?" Source: New York Times

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social bookmarking

there is a surge of new sites and tools to manage your bookmarks. one thing thats important to know, is that bookmarks evolve. rarely will bookmarks from 5 years ago still be good. for this purpose, social bookmarking has evolved into a communal tool. its interesting to mark you favorite sites, tag them and then see other peoples favorites sites. tags are also the most important difference from normal bookmarks on your computer. they make navigating through your bookmarks a snap, and if you add tags correctly, you will always find relevant sites. to top that off, since youre using social bookmarking, you can see what other sites fall into the tag that you used.

navigating the web is like exploring the deep sea or an alien planet. what you will find depends on how you search for it. different tools will give you different results. you will find interesting things depending on the engines you use. i enjoy using technorati, google blog search, as well as for mp3 searches.

one of the most popular is, simple easy to use. has also appeared, as well as,, categoriz,, unalog,,, and blinklist,, are others. blummy is a small app that runs directly on most webpages to store some links. there is also google bookmarks available.

personally, i use and i tried out blummy and, who is a tagger of tagging sites. these sites also combine discussions and some also have online notebooks. i also use google notebook to note interesting things, like interesting pages that i found on wikipedia. i also tend to use microsoft office one note to note things that i might need offline. onenote is cool, since when you copy and paste things, it includes images and formatting, which can be useful or annoying.

i found lorelles blog on wordpress an interesting read last night for programming and maintaining blogs. though i find her other blog a bit of drag, visually especially. it looks like a 5 year old designed it. sorry, but you have to be frank in these sorts of things. i mean, i would love to design my own blog, instead of using a theme from wordpress. its in the works when i work out a hosting service. i still have a few subjects to cover in subsequent posts, such as news aggregators, media aggregators, podcasts and vblogs (video blogging). i think ill cover mobblogging too.

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toothbrushgate on bbau

mikey, the insider of the first few weeks has started pulling pranks for this week. he is frustrated for being nominated for eviction with john and camilla. the housemates dont know it, but there is a new insider, one of the intruders, jade, but she didnt have anything to do with it. dani isnt sure about having hooked up with dino, krystal wants to do something with gaelan, but he seems reluctant to do anything in the house. dino spent part of last night creating confetti with a holpuncher and coloured paper in the punishment room for having kept some sweets from katies birthday party.

mikey is just digging his own grave by acting out. this has created some conflict among the housemates. i think that the casting in bbau could have been done better. there are no very entertaining housemates, like pete in bbuk. its just young singles. hopefully some more conflict wil be created. i think that mikey should remain in the house, since he is creating some form of entertainment, he should stay. id evict john, since he doesnt do much.

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Snow Crash Part 2

I just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I liked it. The setting is postcyberpunk and the story revolves around a drug called snow crash that crashes hackers and destroys their minds. Hiro Protagonist, the awkwardly named protagonist of this book, investigates this after his mate Da5id crashes. He meets up with his old flame Juanita and starts researching. During this, he hooks up with a young courier named Y.T.

The pair discover that it all has to do with Sumer, Babel and neurolinguistic hacking. There also is a reasoning that the tower of Babel incident really happened because Enki, one of the few fully conscious human beings five thousand years ago, was worried about the Cult of Asherah, who were propagating a metavirus by anyway possible through the Sumerian language. So he hacked everyone so that they could not understand Sumerian anymore, in effect vaccinating people from the virus. However, Lagos a information hacker has discovered parts of this and tries to sell this info to L. Bob Rife, the person in the world who employs the most programmers. Rife sees big and wants to use neurolinguistic hacking to become Ozymadias, king of kings and enslave the world through his new Cult of Asherah that he fabricated. At the same time, he wants to get rid of the hackers if they challenge his will, by using snow crash.

Neal Stephensons way of writing is a bit addictive. his chaotic way of writing and integrating the most absurd subjects, interests the reader in the most obscure subjects, such as the ancient civilization of Sumer of 5000 years ago, the Tower of Babel and Aleuts. i found this book very enjoyable and interesting. The disjointed writing made for a very compelling read.

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web 2.0 tools

in another article examining web 2.0, i am explaining some of the main tools i use and that are most popular. this is by no means an exhaustive list, but its a good primer for people who havent dwelved into the blogosphere and web 2.0. to start off, one of the main tools available nowadays, is flickr, an online image storing site. flickr is still in gamma version, but it enables anyone to store online photo albums, private or public, and share them with families, friends and networks. people who blog can also use flickr to blog about images. one neat feature is that even if your blog isnt set up for mobile blogging, you can do this by going through flickr. mobile blogging, or mobbloging, is a way to blog from a mobile device, such as a cellphone or a pda. the it works through flickr, is to take a pic with your mobile, then send it off to an address you have set up through flickr. this will automatically post the image and text you have sent to your blog. there are other image storing sites available.

social bookmarking is another strong trend in the last few years. sites like,,,,, blummy and google notebook. there are probably others, but these are the most popular and useful. using tags or categories, you can store your bookmarks online. what interesting is that you can store your bookmarks by tags. its the fastest way to search through them. also, you can make you bookmarks public and share them with your friends and networks. you can also explore other peoples bookmarks.another new tool available are rollyo custom search engines. now you can search through sites and ressources that you specify. started. then come the web 2.0 news services. of them all, is probably the most popular. newsvine, reddit, nowpublic and fark are others. these services gather articles and blogs about subjects, submitted by their used. if a lot of people find these stories interesting, they get moved nearer and nearer to the first page. this is user defined news. its the perfect example on how news are moving away from the corporation. these news are also viral in nature. the more people post about story, the more it propogates, like a virus. these viral news are a new take on word to mouth and viral marketing, though in another arena.

also, you can use news aggregators to get the latest posts off you favorite blogs in an easy reading format. bloglines, google reader and others are example of this type of service. there are also features to email these feeds directly to your mobile and email accounts in order to read them while mobile.

technorati is another way to explore the blogosphere, using tags that bloggers insert into their posts. this enables to monitor the blogosphere in a general way about what are the breaking stories. a good way to do this is to also visit the top 100 blogs on the web today.

while blogs started out of online diaries, they have become a lot more. news sites, mp3 blogs, video blogging (vblogs), podcasting and more. the modern website is actually transformend, since most people want to express their opinion, blogs are an easy way to set things up. and through the news services, its easy to get exposure for your blog through your writing.

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dawn ejected from bbuk

in weird twist, dawn, the stinky exercise scientist, has been ejected from the bb house for cheating. she is said to have had communication with her sister in code, contravening the rules of bb. for this, the stinkster was ejected today. now, only bonneh and glyn face eviction. after shabang exited the house on his own will this week, the stinkster threatened to leave after nikki and imogen were chosen by the bb brotherhood to join them and be safe from eviction. the code from stinkys sister was meant to tell her that she had bad press in the media.

that was one of the stupidest things to do for a housemate. one things for sure, at least it wont smell in the house anymore. stinky hasnt taken a shower in days and doesnt use any deodorant. you can image the smell. nikkis been the one most vocal about the smell, though sezer, lea and others have commented on how terrible stinkys bo is.this marks a first, within a week, 3 housemates will have left the bb house.

meanwhile in bbau, anna was evicted last saturday, and made the rounds of the talk show circuits over there. she was denying that she had a relationship with gaelan, after their fallout. jade, one of the new intruders was voted by the viewers to be the next insider after mikeys deception was revealed by bb. dani hooked up with dino. this created some conflict with camilla, since for some reason she wanted to snog dino that night. dino said he is in no way interested in zit ridden camilla.

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windows genuine advantage

starting may 23rd 2006, at noon, there was a new wga and windows genuine validation necessary to update windows, install betas of win defender, ie 7 and mplayer 11. naturally, workarounds are already available for bypassing this new validation.

it is been said that this validation is actually to detect the pc makers and installers that use pirated versions of windows software on their machines. windows knows that there are a lot of pirated copies out there.

also, a new beta for windows vista is out, necessating 1gb of ram and 128 mb of graphic memory to run some of the nice features, surch as aeroglass, enabling the user to change applications very fast and see whats actually going on those apps before going into them. new start menus and features have been integrated. it reminds me a bit of unix.

i used to have loads of apps to play music installed on my machine, but i have since abanded this. i have reluctingly installed itunes to sync up with my ipod. i found a nice article on lifehacker on how to manipulate you ipod without itunes. i find mplayer 11 quite nice. the library sections and browsing is way more advanced than itunes and easy to use. i dont know how much time i wasted setting up the library in itunes, changing the songs names and albums so that itunes would recognize it. i then lost all this work when one of my hds crashed last november.

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lost they live together and die alone

one heck of an episode, 23-24, that ended the second season with more questions than answers. we get desmond humes story, about his fiancee penny widmore, how her dad tried to seperate them. desmond enrolled in a race around the world sponsored by charles widmore. he gets his boat, the elizabeth, from libby whom he meets in a cafe. we see the other side of the encounter with jack, when he is confronted with penny, talks to her about her upcoming wedding, and leaves. he crashed on the island and was found by kelvin, who was sayids cia trainer to become a torturer/interrogator. kelvin says "i know when others follow me, ive been a spy" when confronted by desmond when he tried to flee the island. at that time, desmond just makes it back in time to stop the countdown, whilst a weird electromagnetic event occurs. that same event crashed oceanic flight 817. he discovers a letter from penny, that she had inserted in his unread book, knowing that desmond would only read it if he was close to his death. after the lostaways enter the hatch, desmond escapes and gets on his boat, that kelvin had repaired and escapes, only to reappear at the end of episode 22.

michael was revealed a traitor and a murderer to everyone, jacks backup plan backfired when they were ambushed by the others. the backup plan consisted of sayid, jin and sun sailing to do some scouting ahead of jacks party. while sailing, they see the four toed foot of a giant statue, reminding the colossos of rhodes, one of the 8 wonders of the ancient world. sayid discovers what a lot of people have known, that the camp is a fake as well as their hatch. jacks party discovers a field of messages, that the observers from station pearl sent through the tubes. there are hundreds of them, including lockes drawing of the map that he had sent through a tube. pearl is the station that is meant to observe station swan, the one the lostaways found. we learn that mr friendly, aka tom, is not the leader. he takes off his beard after kate confronts him, and they await unhenry who comes ashore with a boat. they release michael and tell him to escape with his boy following compass setting 325. i am surprised that the others, after having put so much effort into finding walt, simply let him leave with his father. hugo is sent back to the lostaways, and my guess is that jack, kate and sawyer are recruited into the fold by the others. we will probably learn a lot when the new season debutes in october 2006. my guess is that the electromagnetic fields and eddies make navigating to the island next to impossible. its interesting to know that there is a way out. probably the others know of a way back. also, the lostaways have received supplies by plane, meaning that planes can fly over the island.

most of the episode concentrated on flashbacks on desmond. we see desmond being dishonorably discharge by the british army and meeting pennys dad, charles widmore. widmore confronts desmond with all the letters that she had written to him, that widmore had intercepted and a large payoff, for him to disappear, since penny is getting married soon. the other main plot element was eko, charlie, desmond and locke trying to let the counter of 108 minutes elapse without doing anything. locke is convinced that nothing will happen. desmond examines the printouts and realises that the arrival of the lostaways coincides with the time that he almost didnt make it to the console to stop the event, the day that kelvin died. he realises in the final minutes that if they dont push the button, everybody will die. locke is in a rage and destroys the console. desmond looks for the key that he took off kelvin for the backup option. he manages to halt the event, but not before a strange, loud, purple electromagnetic field enveloppes the island, and its whine keeps getting louder and louder until its stopped by desmond. we dont know the fate of locke, desmond and eko. it is unkown if the event is a consequence of the machinerie or of the island. charlie makes it out and kisses claire. charlie acts strange.

the main parts of plot are revealed towards the end, when a station in an arctic enviroment, staffed by two brazilians speaking portugese and playing check notice the text "electromagnetic anomaly detected" on a computer screen and phone a woman, who is revealed to be penny widmore. its supposed that she has discovered the location of the island, since by the sayings of unhenry, "once you leave this island, you can never come back". unhenry could be either a widmore, alvar hanso, or someone else of the executive staff of the hanso foundation.

lost ressources: dharma secrets, wiki lost archive 

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big love

after having watched all the sopranos episodes, i started watching big love. its a very interesting view of polygamy and mormons.

bill henrickson, played by bill paxton, is a very successfull businessman. truth is, he is actually a polygamist. he runs home hardware stores and has 3 wives, played by jeanne tripplehorn, chloe sevigny and ginnifer goodwin. he has conflicts with roman, a self proclaimed prophet from juniper creek. he is actually married to one of the daughters of roman, and bills family still lives there.

its a beautiful drama about family. but im flabbergasted why any man would want more than one wive. ive got one, shes a redhead from bc, and one is more than enough. its interesting to see how large those family get. though i find that the fact that teenage girls get married off to old men is more exploitation and pedophilia than the work of god.

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