To Danshui And Back

Last Monday, on the 24th of September, in the latter days of our Autumn festival holidays, my wife and I decided to go to Danshui. We had been wanting to go somewhere for the last few months, but the heat just kept us inside most of the time.

The other thing was getting there. Danshui is pretty easy to get to by MRT, but most other places we want to visit would be inconvenient just with public transport. Since I have been using Old Nancy in Taipei daily know for about two months, I finally got a feel for the city and how to get around.

I easily plotted a course to get us to Danshui. I wanted to take the easiest way, so that I wouldn’t get lost. Therefore, I went through Taipei. I decided to take ZhongShan N. Rd. and then change over to ChengDe Rd. and ride it to DaDu Rd. to Danshui. It went better than expected and the trip there took about an hour.

We went to the Fisherman’s Wharf and spent the afternoon there. We had a light lunch at Havana on the pier and then walked around a bit admiring the sights. We should have taken the Lonely Planet with us. If we had, we would have probably visited Bali and the mountains on the other side of the Danshui River.

Nevertheless, we had fun and then rode our scooter back. On the way back, I turned onto a bridge by mistake and decided to take the 103 down to Sanchong. I then found signage to take us onto the 107 headed to Sinjhuang. Since I know Sinjhuang pretty well and it’s minutes away from our home in Jiangzicui.

Things went very well and I ended up on Zhong Jeng Rd. On the way back, we stopped at the mega Carrefour store near the Ikea. It was pretty cool, but there are a lot of people there. I don’t know if I would do my regular shopping there. I thing the Carrefour near Jiangzicui would be preferable, since there are a lot less people there. Anyways, we stocked up on some essentials for us and Spike and headed back, with our camera gear.

It was pretty fast going back on the other side of the river. Much faster than going through Taipei. I reckon that the trip back took us about 35 minutes.

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