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Eating Raw

A great update from Steve Pavlina about his raw food diet. I’m not ready to go 100% or 90% raw, but juices, veggies and fruits are a staple in my diet. I love avocados and I should try and buy some here. They have huge ones at the fruit stands.

Dave Decat

Beautiful ads made by Belgian illustrator Dave Decat. (via abduzeedo)

Large Scale Fractal Universe

Is the universe fractal, even on large scales? That’s the question that some Russian and Italian scientists have put forth recently. They think it is. Other scientists aren’t so sure. (via kottke)

Fresh Squeezed Sunkist Orange Juice

One of the best drinks in Taipei is fresh squeezed orange juice, made from Sunkist oranges. Sunkist oranges aren’t easy to find in Taipei, but it’s possible.

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Boing Boing Deletes Violet Blue

Boing Boing has deleted any reference to Violet Blue, including all of her posts. From my research, she is involved in a legal dispute over the use of her pseudonym Violet Blue. Other than that, I can’t find out why this has happened. The author Violet Blue seems as mystified as everyone else. Boing Boing refused to comment. By doing this, they have also deleted any reference to William Gibson.

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