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Why Is Raw Milk So Hard to Find?

I’ve been wanting to drink raw milk for a while, but it turns out that it’s pretty much illegal in most US states. In fact, you probably have to head to the black market to be able to get some or just visit a nearby farm!

The Amcor: The Iconic Fridge Chair

032709_rg_fridgechair_01.jpgFinding the right chair isn’t always easy. You’ve got a lot of different choices, and sometimes it’s not obvious which one would suit you best. First of all, you need something comfortable. Then you need to think about how it looks. Afterward, you’ll need to make sure it fits in your home office. When I saw the Amcor chair, I was really surprised. It is a green chair made from recycling a refrigerator.

Terry Richardson’s Vogue Spread

This photo spread is supposed to feature watches

This photo spread is supposed to feature watches

The photos are by bad boy Terry Richardson and I liked them. (I find them SFW but some might think that they are NSFW)

A Cup of Coffee Improves Your Running Time

It’s been scientifically shown that a cup of coffee increases your usual running time. To get this increase in performance, you don’t need a lot either. The NY Times reports on this story.

Too Late the Hero

A great playboy spread with Michael Caine from 1969

A great playboy spread with Michael Caine from 1969

These are a series of promo shots for the 1969 movie Too Late the Hero starring Michael Caine. They are NSFW and really cool.
Playboy Magazine, October, 1969. NSFW!

Daft Punk Headphones: Pretend You’re a Robot

032609_rg_daftpunkheadphones_01.jpgI know that I have to wear in-ear headphones when I walk around the city. Having bigger-sized headphones isn’t really practical. Try wearing a hat of some sort and see how well those big headphones work, especially in the snow or rain. Plus, taking headphones in and out of your bag just wrecks them after a while. So, it’s a fact that most of us wear these headphones, but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to wear these headphones? At first glance, there is definitely something robot-like about them. That’s because they were designed by someone who loves Daft Punk.


eLite: The Easy Energy Monitor That Will Save You Money

032509_rg_efergyelie_01.jpgTimes are tough, pretty much everywhere. The recession is hitting most businesses hard. That means that energy monitors that will save you money are getting that much more interesting. Why waste money when you could save it instead? These kinds of things are great ideas. They diminish the amount of money that you are spending right now, with immediate effect. Except the fridge and a few other essential items, most of your things should be offline when you leave the house.

We Tell Stories

We Tell Stories is a site featuring digital fiction from six authors by Penguin. (via onefloorup)

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

A trailer is out for the new Spike Jonze movie, Where the Wild Things are, which is based on Maurice Sendak’s fabulous book.

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