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Stas Kulesh

Backs and shoulders by Stas Kulesh

Backs and shoulders by Stas Kulesh

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Sandy Nicholson

Photographer Sandy Nicholson

Photographer Sandy Nicholson

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Modern Ovalia Chair: The Adjustable Computer Workstation

052609_rg_bud_workstation_01.jpgWe all love the Ovalia egg chair. It’s an iconic piece of furniture from the 60s. Since it hasn’t been produced for over 30 years, it’s hard to find these days. Previously, unless you could afford the price for those vintage pieces of furniture or the new ones with some fancy speakers, you were out of luck. Now, the iconic chair has been reinterpreted for our modern lives. We like how the Bud Adjustable Computer Workstation pays an homage to the Ovalia chair.

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Eggshell Speakers: Tiny Yet Powerful

052609_rg_eggshell_speaker_01.jpgWhat are eggshells used for? Apart from housing our morning breakfast, we’d be at a loss to say, but that didn’t stop Gomhi from using eggshells to craft a pair of tiny and cute looking loudspeakers. These delicate looking speakers were made as a DIY project.

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Pygmy + Graveyard Book

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Today, I got three new books. Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, and Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke. Of those three, I’ve finished Pygmy and The Graveyard Book. To be honest, both were quite short. Pygmy was harder to read because it was written strangely, through the broken-English voice of a pygmy terrorist. I usually hate when authors do this. It makes their books a lot harder to read.

The Graveyard Book was good, but short. Neil Gaiman wrote a beautiful book. However, I wanted there to be more, but I understood that it was meant for the young adult market.

Pygmy is the first Palahniuk novel I have read and bought. Even though I hate novels that use a special vocabulary instead of English, like Pygmy, I liked this book. I was a bit surprised at the way it ended. I expected more controversy and I didn’t get any. The ending was a bit disappointing. Still, it was interesting and made me want to read his other books.

Invincible Ropes Banned from MTV

Invincible’s video/song Ropes has been banned from MTV for its suicidal undertones. Invincible’s a rapper from Detroit.

Linus Lohoff

Linus Lohoff B&W photos

Linus Lohoff B&W photos

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Collapsing Colony Disorder

Image via wikipedia

Image via wikipedia

I’ve aware of this since about 2006. I seem to remember that a few X-files episodes dealt with something like this, or was it the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie The Happening? Anyway, collapsing colony disorder is something frightening because it jeopardizes our ability to produce crops in vast mono-cultures, crops that are needed to feed the planet. CCD is happening all over the planet and scientists yet don’t understand the exact mechanisms behind it.

The phenomenon in the US is most perplexing. Bees enter a sort of hibernation during the colder months of the year. Beekeepers put them in the storage and notice that in the spring, 40-80% of the hives are empty. Completely empty. There are no bodies, so there is no evidence of them dying out. They just disappear.

In modern agriculture, bees are essential to pollinate crops. They are imported to California and other agricultural farms all over the use to accomplish the much needed pollination. However, scientists have discovered that a large amount of pesticides are in these bees’ bodies. That and a number of other factors contribute to CCD. The problem has gotten so acute, that the US is importing Australian bees to pollinate their crops.

What it boils down it is that bees are like sentinels. If they start dying out, there is something really wrong.

More Transformers Peripherals: From Mice to USB Hubs

052209_rg_transformers_mice_01.jpgWell, we’ve just made a little discovery. There are more devices in disguise available out there for all of you Transformers nuts. Transformers are pretty close to LEGOs in their universal appeal to the male gender, since they all used to be little boys at some point. Transforming robots are just plain cool. I can remember fondly the Transformers that could be made into 3 different shapes or the ones that assembled to make a giant robot.

Transparent-Looking PMP Player: You Can Use it As a Mirror

052209_rg_newsmy_mirror_01.jpgThe last PMP that we had was an Archos. We used it on and off, but never as an MP3 player. The thing was just too heavy. We stopped using it when the battery blew up. The PMP market has been growing, but since devices like the iPhone and the iPod Touch serve as PMPs, the future of the market is unsure. The other thing is that people don’t see the need to spend an extra amount of money on an extra device. The Newsmy XO is kind of novel since it’s pretty cheap and it looks great.

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