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FaceID Let’s You Unlock Your Front Door With Your Face!

103009_rg_faceid_01.jpgWe know that biometric security, which involves scanning fingerprints or retinas, is quite common in banks and the like, but what if you could simply unlock your front door with your face? It’s not like someone can easily duplicate that.

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Daria Werbowy in Vogue Nippon

Daria in Vogue Nippon, NSFW and really beautiful photos

Ares I-X Launch

I've been waiting to see some good photos of the launch, via TBP

Andrew’s Ingenious Floating Monitor Home Office

Name: Andrew Flynn Location: Chandler, Arizona Size: Home office Years lived in:

When we saw Andrew Flynn’s amazing home office, we knew that we had to do a tech tour of his place. The great DIY features really set this home office apart from all of the rest. A faux-wall to hide cables and wires, a Mission Control center console to hide and store peripherals, and three floating monitors are what makes this home office quite ingenious.

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Shop Goodwill Online For Tech Steals

102909goodwillind00.jpgIf you have ever shopped at a thrift store for deals, you know that it’s a hit and miss operation. Some stores have great selection while others don’t. But what happens when Goodwill moves its inventory online?

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PSN Notebook Giveaway at Notebook Stories

Nifty is giving away a few PSN notebooks. Head on over there for the review.

Choosing the Right Grad School

Great article I found thanks to Andrew. It’s by Danah Boyd on the importance of choosing the right grad school. I know about this and it’s important to choose the right school and the right adviser.

Xbox Live Getting Streaming Sky TV More Coming Soon?

102809_rg_xboxlivesky_01.jpgWith Netflix coming to a PS3 near you, we were left wondering what would happen to the Xbox 360. Most Xbox 360 owners are already using their consoles to stream media from their computers, but how about getting some streaming TV?

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Incredibly Beautiful Silver Art Small Appliances By Rowenta

There is something really nice about having beautifully designed and functional small kitchen appliances. Let’s be honest, you use them a lot and it’s only fair that they look great. We’ve rarely seen such beautiful-looking appliances.

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A Modern & Baby-Proof Home Office Computer Desk

102709_rg_readerquedesk_01.jpgUnplggd reader Jenya from New York City had the following question:

I am looking for a computer desk. My husband works from home from a home office. And we also have a small baby at home running up to his desk and pulling on every wire she can find. So we need a beautiful modern desk, preferably under $1,000, where the wires would not be easily accessible. The desk faces away from the wall, since that is the best way to place a desk in his office. Please help.

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