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Survivor Nicaragua Glitter in their Eyes S21E03 (CBS)

Back at camp, Nay thinks that everything was fake.

It’s faker than fake fur.

At the older tribe, they go looking for fruits by following the howler monkeys. The older tribe is fishing. Marty feels threatened by Jimmy J. He tells Jill. She tells him that he should show the immunity idol to everyone.

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Stars Afghanistan In September

Stars in Afghanistan, via The Big Picture @ Boston Globe

Tech Wants: Managing Your Desires Within A Budget

Not everyone can afford on impulse tech splurges. Almost everyone is on some kind of a budget. What should you do if you can get your tech desires? Should you prioritize or just splurge?

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being CarLess

We’ve been living without a car for about four years, ever since we moved to Asia. Living without a car is liberating in some ways and a drawback in others. Is it worth switching to greener modes of transport, or do you have to absolutely live with a car? Read on to find out more.

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Move Over Sci-fi, Robot Exoskeletons Are Coming Thanks to Raytheon

Ah Raytheon, just the name scares some guys silly. Raytheon is a defense contractor and they’ve released some new information and videos of their new exoskeleton called the XOS 2. And no, this isn’t science-fiction.

raytheon xos exoskeleton defense science-fiction iron man

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My Daily Tweets 09-29-2010

  • 00:15:50: RT @vanityfairmag Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds | Business | Vanity Fair
  • 00:18:49: Greek Financial Crisis:
  • 03:03:58: From Twitter 09-28-2010:
  • 15:37:53: Looks like we closed on our house!
  • 15:39:16: @typefiend I heard about that crazy hot weather in LA. It’s pretty humid here, It gets up to 105 easy here in the summer
  • 15:49:29: RT @JocelyneRobert: Agacée par bitcheries sur la blonde à Dubois. Jeune veut pas dire être conne. Vintage non plus. L’âgisme, ça marche …
  • 15:49:37: RT @annebgodbout: Trop d’accès à la pauvreté? RT @JosianeS L’application Desjardins me fait vraiment chier.
  • 15:50:00: RT @Joanna_Rees: Thank God for #Visa! I was able to pay the lawyer. Credit cards are sometimes a evil necessity. (same with lawyers;)
  • 15:50:27: RT @davidonformosa: I also get an error 404 when trying to open old Taiwan News articles. They want to be an online publication but they …
  • 15:52:58: @typefiend Amazing, I’d like it gianormous as well.
  • 15:53:13: RT @M_Ahmadinejad: For all the Americans overreacting about the blogger we put in jail for 19 years, relax: he’s Canadian.
  • 15:54:34: RT @Joanna_Rees: just closed on the house! Now where is my husband so I can fill him in on the news…
  • 15:57:06: Almost finished with #DeadintheFamily Seems like another filler book in the series.
  • 15:58:27: Wants: new laptop, new-ish scooter, 27″ LED Cinema display and some Mac peripherals.
  • 16:05:08: The Perfect Desk: Hacking Smaller Desks Into Bigger Ones:
  • 16:06:21: Using Tech in Bathrooms: Heaven or Hell?:
  • 16:12:52: Time to go back to work and face the PTA
  • 20:04:27: @hungryintaipei Got some last week. Tastes good. They also had the salami again as well as the prosciutto.
  • 20:05:07: PTA was pretty painless. Imagined it would be a lot worse.
  • 20:05:53: Checking the listings to see if I can find a cheap 400-600CC motorcycle.
  • 20:33:42: I freelance, teach, operate my own cycling business. I don’t jetset. Instead, we just bought a house. Fixer-upper duplex in Illinois.
  • 20:38:14: The Honda CB1000R costs about $10K in the UK. In Taiwan, it costs a ridiculous $20K USD. How messed up!
  • 20:39:37: Nevertirement and Nevertirees –
  • 21:27:50: @kleinjinx Hallo Jinx, es ist ein Tuck Tuck in English.
  • 22:10:33: “In its most commonly used variance, the term describes the country’s mobile phones, which for all their technological wizardry …”
  • 22:11:33: “…often do not sell well outside of Japan because they’ve been fine-tuned so acutely…”
  • 22:12:12: “… for the domestic market that they are no longer in touch with the needs of non-Japanese consumers.” via Schott’s Vocab on Galapagos
  • 22:12:36: Galapagos in Japan –
  • 22:45:25: Predator Halloween Costume Looks Amazing But Must Be Amazingly Hot:
  • 22:47:44: Jeez. 22:47 and I’m done. I need to walk Spike and eat something+ finish #DeadintheFamily
  • 22:53:09: probably going to finish the prosciutto, some cheese and some veg. That will be it. I’ve lost 10 lbs in the last few weeks.
  • 22:54:35: The Honda CB1000R looks really good. It’s too bad that it’s not available in the US.
  • 22:56:47:
  • 22:59:23: Anyone who calls themselves a jetsetter is supposed to be filthy rich, jetsetting from Macau to Monaco. Working grunts aren’t jetsetters
  • 23:00:31: Enjoying artistic nudes. Really nice and warm.
  • 23:10:07: Alina Lebedeva [NSFW]:

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Alina Lebedeva [NSFW]

Beautiful nudes by Latvian photographer Alina Lebedeva

Alina Lebedeva was charged with assaulting a foreign dignitary with a red carnation in 2001. She was 16 at the time. She takes some beautiful photos. {via Nikola}

Predator Halloween Costume Looks Amazing But Must Be Amazingly Hot

I have to say that this Predator costume by Shawn Thorsson of Petaluma, CA, is really amazing. This costume was made for Halloween 2005, but this write-up and photos are recent. I wonder what Shawn will make for this year’s Halloween?

predator retro movie costume halloween

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Using Tech in Bathrooms: Heaven or Hell?

While we’ve used tech in bathrooms from time to time, we haven’t installed anything permanent in our bathrooms, at least for now. But what kind of tech would you like to use in your bathroom? Does it even make any sense? Some people use tech in the bathroom freely, but most of us keep it out of there. What would you like to see in your bathroom?

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The Perfect Desk: Hacking Smaller Desks Into Bigger Ones

While there are a plethora of desks available, sometimes you just need to hack yourself one because none of the ones that you see fit the bill. This happens quite a bit, especially in the home office. Since a lot more people are working from home, they need a fully functioning home office. This home office from Toronto, Canada, uses three IKEA Vika desks.

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