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The Future of Reading

Interesting article by Jonah Lehrer over at Wired. I have yet to purchase an iPad or eReader and I still buy lots of books. It will take a while before the book is replaced with technology. In the last few days, since Friday, I’ve read 10 paperback books.

Bender Hates Mondays, Just Like You!

Ah, Mondays. Thankfully, we’re already Tuesday, so heck, Monday went by pretty fast. Still, I don’t really like Mondays. I really like Fridays, how about you guys?

bender futurama hate mondays week

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Minimalist Radio By Simon Hasan: No, You Don’t Get Sirius On It

At first glance, it’s hard to figure out what this strange looking thing actually does. Granted, there’s an antenna, but that’s about it that would give you a clue it’s a radio.

radio simon hasan art design minimalism

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iArm: Perfect to Hold All Those Gizmos On Your Arm

You’ve probably met people who have two cell phones, an iPad, a GPS and other ‘important’ gadgets that they keep glancing at while you’re talking to them. Now you can give them the prefect gift so that they can keep watching all of their gadgets at the same time, thanks to the iArm.


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The Amazing Race They Don’t Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin S17E01 (CBS)

Brooke/Claire are HSN sellers. Chad/Stefanie are dating and from Miami. Katie/Rachel are beach volleyball partners. Connor/Jonathan are ivy league A cappella singers. Nat/Kat are doctors as well as BFFs.

I think that we’re the nerd team.
The Hot Doctors

Nope, Hot Doctors, the Nerds are the nerds, you’re the Hot Doctors!

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Air Quandary: Why Would You Get the New MacBook Air

If you’ve checked out the most recent Mac rumors, it seems that the new MacBook Air will get a smaller 11.6-inch screen. To some people it might seem somewhat strange that Apple might actually reduce the screen size of the Air, but we got to hand it to them, it kind of makes a lot of sense. Why? Read on to find out more.

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Perki’s Cozy Little Tech Nook Looks Great to Work On

Not everyone enjoys working from extremely large desks. Large desks are great, but they are prone to attract all sorts of clutter. Perki’s cozy little tech nook shows us that you don’t need a large desk to work. We really like this setup. It’s simple and looks good.

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Minifigs Run Through LEGO Logan’s Run

What’s not to love about this great LEGO tribute by Keith Goldman to Logan’s Run? If you haven’t ever seen this retro sci-fi flick, it’s well worth it. It’s part of a crop of dystopian movies that were made in the 70s and 80s. I enjoyed watching it and I’m enjoying these photos of Keith’s diorama.

logan's run science-fiction 1976 retro lego diorama

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My Daily Tweets 09-27-2010

  • 03:05:02: From Twitter 09-26-2010:
  • 15:44:54: This has been a Sookie Stackhouse weekend. On Saturday morning, I was still reading Livind Dead in Dallas. Now, I’m finished Dead & Gone
  • 15:45:49: I read 8 books on the weekend. The Charlaine Harris books are a lot easier to read than what I’m used to. Plus, they’re good.
  • 15:49:19: Faeries are a lot better in the books. There are some differences. It takes some getting used to the writing as well.
  • 16:20:40: @TimHo How much for the iPad?
  • 21:01:01: @noyzki Sookie Stackouse novels by Charlaine Harris. I liked them.
  • 21:02:12: I love coming home to no emails!
  • 21:03:19: Finishing #DeadandGone Don’t worry, even if I read 8 books over the weekend, I have a big stack waiting for me.
  • 21:06:11: Did something super stupid because I was tired. Locked my scooter keys in my boot. Had to call my mechanic. I couldn’t open it. Took 1hr
  • 21:06:38: Actually, it took 7 minutes. I just got home, so that’s 1 hour later than usual.
  • 21:07:54: For the last 4 years, I’ve been using an old cell phone as an alarm clock. Looks like it’s DOA. Switch over to my 3-year old SonyEricsson
  • 21:57:49: I saw Bieber for the first time on CSI. I didn’t understand all of the fuss, then again, I’m not a teenage or pre-teenage girl.
  • 22:19:14: Dang, I needed that hour to work. Now it’s already 10:18PM and I still have 3 more posts to go.
  • 22:51:44: I don’t like how angels and demons are related to the fay in Charlaine Harris’ books. Makes no sense to me. The fay are chaotic
  • 23:28:03: 23:27. Time to go walk Spike and think about scooters and Macbook Pros.
  • 23:28:19: I just finished work BTW.

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From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 03:01:58: From Twitter 09-25-2010:
  • 13:14:53: I kept getting woken up by cell phones that needed a charge.
  • 13:17:43: Yesterday, I read Club Dead, Dead to the World, finished Living Dead in Dallas and almost finished Dead as a Doornail #sookiestackhouse
  • 13:18:22: My usual books aren’t as easy to read as the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books.
  • 13:21:16: It’s kind of annoying how every man lusts after Sookie. In Dead as a Doornail, Calvin, Alcide, Bill, Eric, and others
  • 13:35:03: #DeadAsADoornail seems to be going nowhere. It’s like an in-between book between storylines.
  • 13:46:25: Alright, time to walk Spike, take some photos, and think about a PGO G-Max 250cc that I’d like to get.

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