My Daily Tweets 10-29-2010

  • 00:01:01: Midnight, & I just finished working. Time to walk Spike and relax before going to work tomorrow morning.
  • 00:01:33: Ghost Reporting: The Best Costume at Blizzcon by Far |
  • 00:25:49: Ah, time for Survivor.
  • 03:03:52: From Twitter 10-28-2010:
  • 12:51:43: LED Jack-O-Lantern: The Geeky Way to Scare People Away:
  • 12:53:38: USB Flower Light With Aroma Diffuser: The Gift That Keeps On Stinking:
  • 12:56:43: Survivor Nicaragua What Goes Around Comes Around S21E07 (CBS):
  • 20:08:09: After my nap this afternoon, I was totally out of it. Freaking Halloween is almost over.
  • 20:08:31: RT @annebgodbout: Ouin ben, me reproduire, c’était pas mon meilleur choix détente.
  • 20:10:40: RT @jane_l: so now we know that @marieclaire hates bloggers, fat people & people who like to dress well.
  • 20:11:42: @katiewest when I think of love, I think of my wife Joanna.
  • 20:12:11: RT @davidonformosa: Lowest temperature in Taiwan (excluding mountain areas) was 15.7˚C in Chiayi (according to SET TV News). http://twi
  • 20:12:33: RT @ThinkingFox: The Facebook engineer who just destroyed our privacy further is @waynekao Notice how he protects his twitter account
  • 20:13:20: RT @annebgodbout: Stratégie : Je m’endette au max toute ma vie en payant le minimum seulement, en me paddant d’assurances en cas de décè …
  • 20:13:32: @annebgodbout hum, non, SVP.
  • 20:13:47: RT @annebgodbout: Il annonce de la neige dimanche!!! Wahooooo!
  • 20:15:46: RT @brem: wow, 10 minutes sans rebooter, mon Live Messenger 2011 bat des records
  • 20:17:30: RT @annebgodbout: Si je chiale sur mon poids, rappelez-moi la shitload de crème irlandaise que je viens d’ingérer via mon café.
  • 20:20:46: Both pets are sitting w me on the couch. I just spotted Yoda the cat biting Spike’s lower eyelid. WTF. Yoda & her love bites.
  • 20:25:40: A girl named Candy told me that she didn’t like candy.
  • 20:29:52: I think I’ll have some ementhal cheese right about now.
  • 20:30:59: Simple & Effective Mac-Based Setup Includes New Air:
  • 20:32:17: Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?:
  • 20:49:23: I like delving into the source code. Makes me think that I’m in the Matrix.
  • 22:21:53: Saw Scott Pilgrim Vs the World recently. Loved it. Music was also awesome. That Metric track was incredibloos!
  • 22:33:29: Holy fuck, Metric’s Black Sheep is an incredible track. On repeat for the rest of the night. Had to use my headphones bc I had it on so loud
  • 22:49:46: @Dezeen Hey thanks for the mention. I love funky watches!
  • 22:56:25: RT @Dezeen: Thanks to @djrange for his post about our “cool and funky” watch store!
  • 23:19:55: RT @asimone: Last night my barista called me a hipster. I tried to explain that my clothes don’t match my bike, but he would have none o …
  • 23:40:52: Dentsu Green Vending Machines Grow Veg Without Sun:
  • 23:46:52: 23:46 on a Friday night in Taipei. TGIF. BTW, still listening to Metric’s Black Sheep. WoW
  • 23:47:44: I’m in lesbians with this song.
  • 23:54:47: Brie Larson Covers Metric For Scott Pilgrim Vs The World:
  • 23:55:19: Jeez, i got 6 tabs open on McSweeney’s articles.

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