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Dentsu Green Vending Machines Grow Veg Without Sun

102910_rg_DentsuChefFarm_01.jpgYou’ve probably seen or heard about some of Japan’s really odd vending machines, but this comes as a nice surprise. These portable garden vending machines can grow quite a bit of vegetables, making them an interesting solution to urban environments where growing vegetation can be a problem.

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Is the New MacBook Air Right For You?

102810_rg_MacBookAirRightForMe_01.jpgApple just released their new version of the MacBook Air last week, and slowly but surely the reviews have started trickling in. The MacBook Air makes a few compromises to achieve its extreme low weight of 2.3 lbs for the 11.6-inch model and 2.9 lbs for the 13.3-inch model. But is it the right MacBook or laptop for you? Read on to find out more.

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Simple & Effective Mac-Based Setup Includes New Air

This simple and effective setup combines a few elements to make it a place where anyone would like to spend hours. If you want a change of scenery, he can just take the new MacBook Air to the couch or the coffee shop and work from there. There’s nothing complicated about this setup, but it works well.

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Survivor Nicaragua What Goes Around Comes Around S21E07 (CBS)

So basically, Marty was able to outplay Sash and Brenda. His gamble paid off and he still has his immunity idol. However, they are 2 vs 5.

At Espdada, Chase tells Nay and Holly that they need to get rid of Alina next.

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USB Flower Light With Aroma Diffuser: The Gift That Keeps On Stinking

Ah, aromatherapy. I’ve always meant to try it on my laptop. Not really. But thanks to Brando, I can do so now with this handy USB Flower Aroma Diffuser with Light. Thanks guys!

usb gadget flower power light aroma diffuser

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LED Jack-O-Lantern: The Geeky Way to Scare People Away

Halloween is almost upon us, and the tech geeks aren’t above trying to make Jack-o-lanterns scarier – or at least geekier. How about this? Installing a 70-LED matrix into a Jack-o-lantern to scare people away with blinking lights.

led jack-o-lantern halloween diy make

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What Would Your Perfect Laptop Include?


If you’re currently shopping for laptop, or looking at the available options, you’ve probably put together a wish list of features that you’d like it to have. It’s true that not all laptops are created equal, and that some of them are just better designed than others, but what’s the perfect laptop?

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New Tablets & eReaders Start to Appear, Still Relevant?


Yes, we know that you love your iPad, but for some users, the iPad wasn’t really the perfect fit, which is why we’ve been anticipating a slew of new tablets from different manufacturers. Everyone from Asus, to Barnes & Noble, to HP seems to be jumping into the fray. Should you care?

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New Energy Efficient Computer Monitors Powered By LEDs


As you may have noticed recently, manufacturers are releasing LCD computer monitors that are powered by LEDs instead of the usual CCFLs. What does this mean? Well, just like with usual lighting, LEDs are more efficient than other forms of lighting, which is one of the reasons why LED-powered HDTVs are also starting to appear.

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Whet Your Tron Legacy Appetite With Daft Punk’s Derezzed

Yes, I’m a Tron fan, but I haven’t gone bonkers yet over what I’ve seen of TRON:Legacy. That is until I saw Daft Punk’s new video for their song, Derezzed. It’s been on repeat the whole day.

tron legacy daft punk derezzed trailer video clip

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