My Daily Tweets 12-30-2010

  • 03:05:06: From Twitter 12-29-2010:
  • 07:52:08: South Korea Hires Robot Teachers:
  • 07:53:36: DOTKLOK: Digital Clocks Go Open Source:
  • 20:11:22: Just came home. For some reason, I had two people offer me teaching jobs today. I don’t know why bc I haven’t been looking for a job.
  • 20:13:50: The Evolution of Daft Punk Helmets via Tortue
  • 20:14:43: RT @Jason: Wow, @unitedairlines lost dudes bags and he raised his voice ever so slightly in frustration and they called 6 cops. Bizarre
  • 20:15:54: RT @gabyu: in case you don’t know.. Chinese language is the new dominant language of the Internet
  • 20:16:19: RT @RachFee: I have learned my lesson – take breaks and don’t spend the entire day playing Xbox, even if it’s new. I think I gave myself …
  • 20:17:30: RT @PinboardIN: This is what the Great Delicious Exodus looked like to our servers: (contrasted with normal traffi …
  • 20:19:49: @jkottke due to the viscosity and surface tension of water, hoverboards can’t create enough friction to move forward on water.
  • 20:21:55: RT @hotdogsladies: Ooooo! Scary warning, silica gel!Too bad I’m not in the habit of asking poison if I’m “ALLOWED” to eat it.

    Fucking …

  • 20:24:57: So cool! @taptaptap is giving out custom engraved X-ray iPads!
  • 20:29:24: RT @sarahspy: Wonder if new cat has a cold or if she’s always gonna snore like this
  • 20:29:39: RT @hotdogsladies: Just saw a homeless guy wearing a pristine Adobe logo cap.He was squatting in some bushes.

    Waiting for his flash t …

  • 20:32:24: @courtneyriot yes. start charging him interest.
  • 20:38:33: Started using Click2Flash extension on Safari to block flash. It will probably extend my already long battery life.
  • 20:44:01: NSFW Filippo Del Vita for Kinki Magazine –
  • 20:44:32: Contributor Fall/Winter 2010 by Magnus Magnusson
  • 20:44:58: Karolina Kurkova by Tom Munro
  • 20:49:35: I have a weakness for everything Joanna.
  • 20:51:51: Wow, way to mess up a family – Parents invoke Napoleonic law to foil son’s wedding – Telegraph via gaby
  • 20:55:51: Jimbo Wales: Following the money
  • 20:56:18: Kira Mazura by Ayten Alpun
  • 21:09:36: Replacing the superdrive w another HD is feasible but could be noisy if it’s a trad drive. SSD make sense but are way too expensive
  • 21:10:33: 512GB SSD still cost about $1,300. Upgrading RAM on a MBP is cheap & easy 8GB Kingston costs $144
  • 21:14:08: Permission to be fabulous? Make it so, Number One, he replied
  • 21:26:25: Maybe it’s because I love Frenchies, but this mini pigs look pretty darn cute Zoo Basel Welcomes Miniature Piglets
  • 21:28:11: Afghanistan, December, 2010 – The Big Picture –
  • 22:05:10: RT @markmackinnon: Sigh. Banning Skype in 2011 is about as forward-thinking as banning the telegraph in 1795.
  • 22:49:43: “She gave you the wife look. Now, she’s giving me the wife look.”
  • 23:37:53: hmm. Just saw two episodes of Episodes on Showtime. Kind of bleh to be honest. The Hollywood people are typecast.

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