My Daily Tweets 01-29-2011

  • 01:55:18: Klingon iPhone Stand: Today Isn’t a Good Day for Your iPhone to Die:
  • 01:56:46: Hublot Key of Time Watch Looks Perfect for Batman:
  • 02:06:53: Photography by Nella Balda via @bentrovatoblog
  • 02:07:53: Totally conked out after work tonight to sleep. Woke up at 2AM local time and started working again.
  • 02:09:17: RT @ales_kot: Don’t agree with the US support of the brutal Egyptian regime? Do me a favor, call the White House switchboard NOW, tell t …
  • 02:09:45: RT @thomashawk: flickr finally responds to user on paid account deletion with BS answer.
  • 02:11:39: RT @GDuchaine: Une Montréalaise se jette du 17ème étage à cause des punaises de lits qui infestent son appart.
  • 02:13:56: RT @43folders: “The awful thing about life is this: Everybody has their reasons” (La règle du jeu, 1939)
  • 02:16:48: Today was my last day of teaching my grade 4, 5, and 6. I’m kind of relieved. Gonna be teaching a grade 3 class after CNY at another branch
  • 02:17:26: Hannah Richter by Philipp Forstner for WOMAN January 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 02:17:53: Naomi Preizler by Eric Guillemain for FutureClaw #5 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 02:18:39: Arizona Muse by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 02:27:09: @Joanna_Rees for a lot of DIY goodness.
  • 02:36:56: Garrett Murray’s Stylish Home Office We’d All Love to Have:
  • 02:38:09: Can You Charge a Laptop Via USB Port?:
  • 02:42:25: Franzenfreude –
  • 02:46:36: I hope Contador’s appeal will lead to a 2-5 year ban. Freaking cheater.
  • 02:53:04: Gonna watch that crazy Kollywood movie Robot later tonight.
  • 03:08:37: Sometimes it’s fun to watch stuff crash and burn
  • 03:24:06: I’m currently watching a school crash and burn, as well as some Tumblrs.
  • 04:25:13: How Egypt Turned Off the Internet via @gizmodo
  • 12:44:18: iPhone Ping Pong Paddle Case Not Really Meant for Whacking Balls:
  • 12:58:52: Edita Vilkeviciute by Jeff Burton – Touchpuppet via @Touchpuppet
  • 13:04:44: Souped-Up OWC Mac Minis: Who Should Get One?:
  • 13:07:53: How to Have a Mini Tech Vacation this Weekend:
  • 18:58:04: Holy crap, Skins season 5 is pretty damn good on Channel 4. Really enjoyed the first episode, it’s a beautiful show. The US version pales
  • 18:58:13: RT @RacyZephyr: Pepsi and Coca-Cola are sold in every country in the world except North Korea.
  • 18:58:41: puked today bc I ate some salami yesterday. WTF.
  • 18:59:03: It was another mild case of food poisoning. FML
  • 19:02:32: RT @TechCrunch: ‘Angry Turds’ Is Like ‘Angry Birds’ Except With, Yes, Turds by @alexia
  • 19:03:14: @kristenlubbe I honestly don’t want to see a dude cutting his arm off.
  • 19:08:06: @fannierochefort bonne photo :)
  • 19:09:34: RT @raynola: Egypt leaves the internet. With pictures.
  • 19:10:20: RT @xenijardin: In case you missed -> RT @BoingBoing: Egypt turns off internet, Lieberman wants same option for US #Jan25 #egypt http …
  • 19:10:50: RT @EmilyGould: Why trust a boring, unoriginal writer — and one who thinks “belongs on a blog” is a dis — to tell you whose books des …
  • 19:12:33: Skins, the 1st episode of the 5th season reminded me why I watched all four seasons in a few weekends in November 2010.
  • 19:13:21: I hate it when my dog nags me.
  • 19:14:33: He’s all like “I need a walk” “I’m hungry” Curse the fact that I know him so well so that I can understand him.
  • 20:25:47: I’m going to try and take Differential Geometry I next semester. I already tried enrolling, but the class was full
  • 20:26:02: Need to talk with the academic staff to see if I can take it
  • 20:26:36: That would make a total of 3 full classes, plus the colloquium class = 4. 10 credits. That would be enough for this semester
  • 20:27:25: Feeling a lot better now. Had some soup, fruits, banana smoothie. Taking it easy. I slept quite a bit as well
  • 20:27:53: Started watching that Kollywood Robot movie. I’m 1 hour in, and it’s pretty funny. There’s another 1:43 left!
  • 20:39:39: When I feel sick, I like drinking Sprite. It used to be 7Up, but there is no 7Up here.
  • 21:22:47: Liking Cathode app. Vintage terminal skin. I like it, especially in full screen mode
  • 21:25:35: I don’t like Amber Tamblyn in House. Can’t wait for 13 to come back
  • 22:45:13: RT @DrBillyo: My brother-in-law lives in Egypt, only source of independent information today is BBC world service. Cutting WS a disgrace …
  • 22:45:38: Cathode is making me relearn all those Terminal commands. Having fun with ‘say’
  • 22:46:27: It’s interesting to have cathode running on FS. It kind of blocks out distractions
  • 22:56:06: For my next home office, I want a Herman Miller Airia desk, w maybe an Embody chair. Depends on the comfort level
  • 22:56:27: My gigantic IKEA desk won’t fit in our new home. Time to get rid of it
  • 22:56:45: @fannierochefort pcq y fait frette
  • 23:29:44: On the fence about getting some hotdogs. Walked the dog 5hrs ago, so he’s fine

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