My Daily Tweets 01-30-2011

  • 00:29:50: RT @Joanna_Rees: “men don’t notice, you are lucky if we notice haircuts” from the hubby.
  • 00:48:13: “I don’t know what chips to get from Walmart, too many choices!” @Joanna_Rees
  • 01:09:59: Having fun with the wife on Skype using the ‘say’ command in Terminal
  • 01:18:24: @Joanna_Rees I don’t mind the lounge chair, but the sofas are ordinary. The Barcelona looks better
  • 13:57:26: @Joelle_writes same reason as small dogs are allowed as well. Sorry about your allergies though
  • 13:57:49: @kristenlubbe I didn’t mind the Green Hornet. It was a fun movie
  • 13:58:44: RT @thomashawk: I think @canon_camera put a dust magnet in my 5D M2 instead of actual working anti-dust technology like they claim. http …
  • 14:02:17: RT @JessicaDoyle: Military Prevents Confrontation between Protesters and Police in Cairo
  • 14:04:17: @Joelle_writes I think all dogs/cats under a certain weight are accepted inside the cabin. I’ve never done that w my Frenchie though
  • 14:04:40: Opening up Cathode. Loving that terminal skin app. Running it full screen
  • 14:05:55: Slept a lot over the weekend. I feel like I’ve recovered from the work week of Hell. Then, it’s CNY so only 2 more days of work b4 a break
  • 14:07:56: With some actual time off, I will be able to get my online store online.
  • 14:10:02: I’ll have components, wheels, bike frames, and complete bikes for sale from Giant, TIME, Colnago, Pinarello, Scott, BMC, BH and other brands
  • 14:12:37: What’s your favorite Cathode setting? I like Gentle w Viti Green, but the Blank Slate also works. The Amber color is also nice
  • 14:13:22: The stray dogs are sure going at it. I’ve noticed skirmishes between them over the last few weeks. It’s gotten more intense
  • 14:13:38: I blame another stray dog group trying to move into new territory.
  • 14:16:38: RT @inkbutter Nicki Minaj ft. Drake “Moment 4 Life” (Video)
  • 14:34:09: It Takes Years –
  • 14:40:32: Josephine de la Baume: Agent Provocateur | Hammertoff via @Mircow
  • 14:41:33: Tiiu Kuik by Anne Menke for Marie Claire France February 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 14:42:24: Theres Alexandersson by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Nippon March 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 15:45:08: Is the age of the book critic over?
  • 16:53:02: Jersey Shore Drunk Punch Love S03E05/S02E18 (MTV):
  • 16:55:14: Primeval S04E05 (ITV):
  • 16:57:48: The Mentalist Bloodhounds S03E12 (CBS):
  • 17:01:05: Californication Home Sweet Home S04E03 (Showtime):
  • 17:03:35: Our move to Urbana-Champaign from Vancouver/Montreal will have cost us about $12,000 USD. It will be paid off by May/June.
  • 17:03:47: It’s one of the reasons why the DIY stuff has got to wait for a few months. That doesn’t mean that my wife can’t do some small projects
  • 17:05:20: I’ve got two episodes of Chuck, Fringe, 3 of Hustle, 2 of White Collar. I’ll have time to watch these during CNY. Been quite busy
  • 21:57:42: Evangelion-Themed Hotel Room: Vacation Destination for Anime Geeks:
  • 21:59:42: Primeval S04E06 (ITV):
  • 22:35:03: When it’s not the dogs, it’s the cats. They are in heat and meowing loudly in our courtyard
  • 22:57:32: Castle Knockdown S03E13 (ABC):

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