My Daily Tweets 02-27-2011

  • 01:31:01: Paintball Robot Brings the Pain to the Paintball Arena
  • 01:37:30: Got a lot of shit done today. Picked up the broken scooter, made my police statement, and resolved the issue with the offending driver.
  • 01:38:04: My scooter guy is really stellar. I’ve known him for 4 years and he’s always gone the extra mile for me. I had dinner with them after.
  • 01:38:38: The offending driver was posturing a lot, but the police gave him a dressing down. Obviously, if this would go to court, he’d lose
  • 01:39:18: I don’t want to go to court bc I need this resolved ASAP. Yesterday I was so zonked out that I mixed up the numbers of my telephone #
  • 01:40:18: #Portlandia is really good. I love Carrie Brownstein. Too bad Sleater Kinney is dead though.
  • 10:50:09: It looks like Twittinesis died overnight. Are there any other alternatives to publishing tweets to a blog?
  • 10:51:39: @Joanna_Rees switch on your skype babe
  • 12:19:23: RT @voyonsvoir Emily Senko par Wendy Bevan pour.. #emily #senko #marie #claire #italia #wendy #bevan
  • 12:19:37: Victoria’s Secret Models by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris March 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 12:19:50: Olga Kurylenko by Ruben Vega for Telva March 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 12:20:08: Tom Munro for Numéro March 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 12:22:30: Cato van Ee by Rennio Maifredi for Marie Claire Italia March 2011 – ZAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY via @ZACFashionPhoto
  • 13:44:24: Looks like #loudtwitter is still operational. Since Twittinesis seems to have failed, I’m back with Loudtwitter.
  • 13:45:20: Watched Camelot yesterday. It was interesting, but I don’t like the actor who plays Arthur Pendragon. He’s a bit a too wide-eyed neophyte
  • 14:24:34: BTW, my old scooter is toast. It’s been written off. Lucky for me the offending driver has to shell out money for a new one
  • 14:26:05: I read that some people are gushing over higher resolution MacBook Pros. Honestly, my 17 MBP has got enough rez. I don’t need anymore
  • 14:26:18: Still a retina display would be awesome
  • 14:31:09: Such a beautiful day in Taipei, it’s summer now. I’m stuck inside because I have trouble walking bc of the abrasions
  • 15:27:15: Really enjoying White Ring’s Roses via @youtube
  • 15:50:28: You can see the extent of your injuries when you dress your own wounds. Mine aren’t so bad. The stitches on my right knee hurt pretty bad
  • 15:50:50: Well, that’s not true. My legs hurt from abrasions mostly and I’m very sore.
  • 15:51:17: Dressed my wounds yesterday. Probably going to do the same today. Keeping the skin around the would moisturized is a good tip for healing
  • 16:10:35: Holy crow, demonoid is back online.
  • 16:18:45: Just listened to White Ring’s Roses a few times. I can clearly hear the post-industrial influence, mixed in with some great creepy moods.
  • 16:20:06: What attracted me was the melodies and the vocals, which reminded me of Crystal Castles
  • 17:10:50: RT @shoshido: “He sure looks handsome in all that money.”
  • 18:06:22: “It’s Tik Tok by Ke dollar sign ha.” Principal in Glee
  • 18:15:35: That was actually more like this: “It’s Tik and also Tok by Ke dollar sign Ha.” This week’s Glee episode was really good.
  • 18:18:54: Best performance was obviously by Hearther Morris as she covered Tik Tok by Kesha. The choreography was really good.
  • 18:19:08: I also liked Don’t you want me baby by the Human League.
  • 18:23:37: Witch House band White Ring made me think of Waldgeist’s Der Schlächter via @youtube
  • 18:38:20: One of my faves when I was spinning EBM/Industrial Dorsetshire- Straße der Verdammnis
  • 18:39:26: Currently catching up on some EBM/Industrial bands I used spin when I was a DJ
  • 18:58:05: Castle The Final Nail S03E15 (ABC)
  • 19:00:25: Castle Setup S03E16 (ABC)
  • 19:04:09: Fringe 6B S03E14 (Fox)
  • 19:07:27: Jersey Shore The Great Depression S02E21/S03E08 (MTV)
  • 19:10:31: Jersey Shore Kissing Cousins S02E22/S03E09 (MTV)
  • 20:05:04: The Mentalist Red Queen S03E16 (CBS)
  • 20:59:19: I think that the pain is actually worse today than yesterday. Granted, it didn’t almost make me faint, but it’s pretty painful
  • 21:12:04: Accidents Part 1
  • 21:35:55: Accidents Part 2

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