My Daily Tweets 03-29-2011

  • 09:04:33: Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle Cases Have Their Eye On You
  • 09:13:57: The Misleading Mac OS X Update
  • 09:18:12: Emma by Antonella Arismendi | Ben Trovato via @bentrovatoblog
  • 12:58:36: @Joanna_Rees Hi babe, I tried Skyping and calling you, but there hasn’t been an answer. Love you!
  • 13:00:56: @kristenlubbe @joelle_writes kind of annoying and shitty at the same time.
  • 13:02:35: RT @marieeveboucher: INSTALLING SPRING…
    33% DONE. Install delayed… please wait.
    Installation failed. P …
  • 13:04:41: Managed to get lost on my way to Xindian. Actually, no, I just had trouble finding the address. It was a big school near Qizhang MRT.
  • 13:05:38: @JoannaRees phone splitter melted and she’s staining the floors. So she hasn’t got a phone line. I can’t call her. Miss you!
  • 13:06:39: @JoannaRees you need to keep your Skype open at all times when you are in front of the computer. I cant call you to tell you to switch it on
  • 13:07:57: I started watching #BoardwalkEmpire. It’s pretty good.
  • 13:08:30: Today is the first nice day in two weeks or so. No rain, sun, and nice and warm.
  • 13:11:21: Noot Seear by Joshua Jordon for Elle Russia April 2011 | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 13:12:04: Anais Pouliot, Cordelia K & Kristians Silis by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Russia April 2011
  • 13:12:43: Anne-Marie Van Dijk by Pablo Delfos for Elle Belgium March 2011 | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 13:25:01: Gladverts –
  • 19:03:28: Braun Digital Watch Gets Analog Scroll Wheel
  • 19:34:05: No jeggings or nerts!
  • 19:34:39: RT @jeansnow: Damn, just realized that NYT paywall went up yesterday. Will miss reading it, but no way I’m supporting that out of whack …
  • 19:34:49: RT @shacker: Amazon, are you nuts? $500/year to store my music in the cloud? Who would do this?
  • 20:19:28: Anja Rubik by Lachlan Bailey | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 20:20:24: Masha & Gabrielle by Max Abadian for Dress to Kill | ZAC FASHION via @ZAC_Fashion
  • 20:21:16: Spike is loudly masturbating. Ah well, life with a Frenchie
  • 20:38:33: I might be teaching a baby Kindergarten class, 2-year olds. I used to shy away from pre-K, but it’s fun. A lot of games and playtime.
  • 20:39:15: I traditionally prefer K2, but I’ll settle for that bc it might be from 8:30AM-12:30AM every day, which is cool
  • 20:43:23: Atari Joystick Jewelry Box: 8-Bit Fashion
  • 20:43:33: I think I’ll have a burger, fries and watch the rest of #BoardwalkEmpire tonight.
  • 20:44:02: Freaking mozzies are eating me up though. I might have to hunt them a while.

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