My Daily Tweets 07.28.11

  • Magic Camp is going well. All of them know some magic tricks. Card tricks are the best. I even learned some.11 hours ago
  • As soon as others find out, they start doing it en masse. Infuriating, but funny at the same time. 11 hours ago
  • The other thing that Miffy came up w earlier this year: Teacher, teacher, teacher? Yep? Nothing! 11 hours ago
  • My kids know me well enough to ferret out what annoys me. 11 hours ago
  • Made the mistake of telling Gr 3 Miffy that she was playing Ditto Monkey. Kids asked what that was. I explained. Then, 10 of them were at it 11 hours ago
  • Not liking how this whole G+ situation is going vis-a-vis privacy, names, etc. 11 hours ago
  • Four Things Google Plus Could Do To Fix Google Plus 11 hours ago
  • Asymmetric quarks defy standard model of physics :… 11 hours ago
  • The Clone Factory: Make Your Own Mini-Me 11 hours ago
  • E-Books Accelerate Paperback Publishers’ Release Dates – 12 hours ago
  • Catrin Claeson pour V Magazine 2011 | Voyons Voir – J’aime le frivole… via @voyonsvoir 12 hours ago
  • Wife: It’s loud. 12 hours ago
  • Me: listen to this (Orion by Metallica) 12 hours ago
  • ZooGue BinderPad: Hide Your iPad During Class 12 hours ago
  • Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player: Go Back in Time and Check Out Those Old 80s Mixtapes 12 hours ago
  • Tomorrow is going to be a cool day. Sleeping in, and going on a field trip w my kids: gonna see Mr. Poppers’ Penguins. 13 hours ago
  • The rise of e-books has forced publishers to speed up a time-honored (and time-taking) tradition ( 13 hours ago
  • Enjoying some old school AC/DC and Metallica (Master of Puppets) 13 hours ago
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: You Knew Getting Into This Marriage Where I Stood On Parkour.:… via @AddThis 13 hours ago
  • Nap felt good, but still tired. Time to GTD and get some writing done. 13 hours ago
  • Natalie Munroe, Pennsylvania Teacher, Reinstated After Disparaging Students On Blog via @huffingtonpost 15 hours ago
  • What the fuck? Since I have Lion, when my laptop goes to sleep, it disconnects my external HDD, which gives “wrongly” disconnected message. 14 hours ago
  • Isabeli Fontana by Terry Richardson for Mango Fall 2011 Campaign | ZAC FASHION… via @ZAC_Fashion 14 hours ago
  • Sarah Kjelleren | PHOTODONUTS DAILY INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHY via @photodonuts 14 hours ago
  • Kesler Tran | PHOTODONUTS DAILY INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHY via @photodonuts 14 hours ago
  • The Norway attacks – The Big Picture –… 14 hours ago
  • Rogue Academic Downloader Busted by MIT Webcam Stakeout, Arrest Report Says | Threat Level |… 14 hours ago
  • Not feeling it. Too tired, going for a longish nap. 17 hours ago
  • Music as an app, no thanks! 17 hours ago
  • Clothes overhead and some drawers hide her. When we found her, she didn’t utter a sound and we took her out. It was kind of funny. 17 hours ago
  • We have been wondering where she hides. She’s found a new spot in my wife’s closet, tucked away in a corner, hidden away from sight 17 hours ago
  • The cat is meticulous. She checks if the bedroom door is closed each and every time, putting her whole body weight against the door. 17 hours ago
  • The wife has poor door discipline, meaning that the cat can streak or sneak into the bedroom, where no pets are allowed. 17 hours ago
  • DSLR Camera Life Cycle: What’s Down the Pipeline 18 hours ago
  • The Girl From F&B: A Portrait of the New India | The Nation – via @thenation 23 hours ago
  • DSLR Camera Life Cycle: We outline the release schedules from Nikon + Canon to help you make an educated DSLR purchase 28 Jul
  • Cap America was OK. The lead actor was somewhat bumbling around, but it was fun to see the Red Skull and the nazis getting beat up 28 Jul
  • Not interested in that, so I Google the name and open it in a new tab. It’s a very long article that I need to read probably today. 28 Jul
  • Every time I open and close my FF, ‘The Girl From F&B: A Portrait of the New India’ article @ The Nation needs me to create a profile. 28 Jul
  • Canon X Mark I Mouse Lite with Built-in Numeric Keyboard: Too Many Buttons or Just Enough? 28 Jul
  • Ah, don’t feel so bad right now about my math research project. My partner went home and didn’t make much progress either. 28 Jul
  • Error while uploading on Facebook: “The server found your request confusing and isn’t sure how to proceed.” I find this amusing. 27 Jul
  • Amongst Lion’s 250 new features: “Turn FaceTime off”. That’s not really a feature, is it? 27 Jul
  • The Captain America movie was great. It’s basically Luke Skywalker vs. Hitler, a Star Wars cast thrown into a fight against Nazis. Fun. 28 Jul
  • @_MrsScarlett tandis que le passé est pour un evenment qui est completement termine. 28 Jul
  • @_MrsScarlett 2 temps differents. ‘I have had’ present perfect et ‘I had’ est le passé. Le PP crée un lien entre le passé et le present. 28 Jul
  • Se marier uniquement pour bénéficier d’allégements d’impôts, c’est aller en prison juste parce que la nourriture y est gratuite. 28 Jul
  • Paz de la Huerta’s words of wisdom on the death of Amy Winehouse: 28 Jul
  • My Daily Tweets 07.27.11 28 Jul

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