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Brando USB Cassette Capture & Player: Go Back in Time and Check Out Those Old 80s Mixtapes

I’m not sure that I kept any of my cassettes (since most of them were in storage for a few years), but if you love retro stuff and you still have your old tapes, check out this USB Cassette Capture and Player.

It will play your cassettes and easily convert them into digital files, thanks to its USB connection.


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DSLR Camera Life Cycle: What’s Down the Pipeline

072711_rg_DSLRProductCycle_01.jpgJust like video game consoles, DSLR cameras operate on a longer product life cycle than smaller, affordable point-and-shoot models. Some manufacturers will update models every 2 to 3 years, sticking to a staggered release schedule, allowing users to get the best that’s available if they purchase their tech at the right time. Since point-and-shoots cost less, people can and will update these more frequently than a DSLR.

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Canon X Mark I Mouse Lite with Built-in Numeric Keyboard: Too Many Buttons or Just Enough?

While OS X Lion updates all of the multi-touch gestures available for Mac computers, but (at least for now) people who have PCs still need  buttons on their mice. This mouse, called the X Mark I Lite, was recently released by Canon and comes with an integrated 10-digit calculator or numeric keypad (whichever you prefer)!

canon x mark i mouse calculator numeric keypad computing

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Surge Protectors: The How and the Why Good Questions

Q: I’m not very tech-savvy, but I’m surrounded by gadgets. I’m wondering what kind of surge protectors I should buy to keep them all safe. My apartment is very old with limited outlets, and I worry about my iMac and soon-to-arrive Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV. Any advice?

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iTimber iPhone 4 Cases & Stands: Wood Is Good!

There something beautiful about the contrast between high-tech and low-tech. This is pretty obvious when you check out these wooden iPhone 4 cases and stands by Kencheng88.

iTimber kencheng88 iphone 4 case stand wood apple

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Marvel Digital’s Gadmei P83 Glasses-Free 3D PMP: Good for Your Eyes? Probably Not.

There are only a few 3D movies that I’ve seen that were actually worth it. Most of the others were somewhat disappointing, but check out this PMP that’s supposed to do 3D without any glasses. It’s called the Gadmei P83 PMP from Marvel Digital, and hopefully it won’t harm your eyes when you use it, because we’ve all recently heard the (not so) shocking news that 3D isn’t good for your eyes.

marvel digital gadmei p83 pmp 3d naked eye glasses-free media player

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Philippe Starck’s Multi-functional USB + LED Lamps

Boutique brands and designers have been toying with LED lamps for a while, thanks to their energy efficiency and the opportunity for slimmer form factors. But these new lamps from Philippe Starck combine an eleganct form design with multi-functionality, adding a USB port so your lamp isn’t just something to turn on, but also something to plug into…

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 Shoots Pics & Video Simultaneously

The last time I used a point-and-shoot regularly was before I had a DSLR, and was trying to develop my photography skills. Yet in a world with Micro Four Thirds and heavier lenses for DSLRs, there’s still room for something light and easy to carry around, like this Sony DSC-TX55 to take high-quality photos without lugging around a bunch of gear.

sony point-and-shoot dsc-tx55 camera digital

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