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Robonaut 2 Tweets from Space

Well, it took a few months, but now it looks like NASA’s Robonaut 2 is finally tweeting from space. We knew that it had arrived on the ISS a few months ago, and now it looks like he’ll keep his Earth-based followers updated on what’s happening aboard the ISS – via twitter.

nasa r2 gm robonaut 2 space robot tweet twitter

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playGo Wireless Audio Streamer: Minimal, But Expensive

If you’re looking for an easy way to stream music to your stereo, you might want to check out the playGo. The 4″ x 4″ x 1″ box looks like a nice little device, but the $450 price tag is definitely a turn-off. Other than that, the playGo looks like it will stream audio pretty efficiently if you don’t mind the cost.

playgo usb streamer wifi audio

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Mutewatch: The Ultimate Minimal Watch

This has to be one of the most minimal watches that I’ve ever seen, and it also has a vibrating alarm function, which is something that I’ve been wanting to see in a watch for a long time. While some people need to hear an alarm, I’ve found that a vibrating alarm is enough to wake me up. The Mutewatch offers a silent alarm and a really cool design to go with it.

minimal watch sweden taiwan vibration mutewatch

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E10 (C5)

It’s eviction day. Bobby teaches Jedward how to shave. Some of the other HM are still sleeping. Kerry is telling Lucien that she doesn’t want to leave.

Amy tells Jedward and Sally that all of her clothes are sent to her as make-up and cosmetics thanks to her column and how she is.

Sally tells Paddy that she has to meet him outside. Paddy says that his wife and daughter will like to meet her. She should come over and stay the night.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E09 (C5)

It looks like Eviction light is less of a big deal on Channel 5. Instead of a few different shows, recap show, live eviction show, etc., they’ve got one show. I was a bit surprised to be honest about this.

Darryn is looking for someone to open his heart to. Amy is sleeping on the couch. The HM talk about paparazzi and front covers. The talk dwells on Princess Diana. Then they talk about Fergie’s fashion sense that was inherited by her daughters apparently.

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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop: Not the First Gaming Laptop, But it Sure Looks Impressive

While Razer would like to call it the “World’s First True Gaming Laptop,” it certainly isn’t, but the new Razer Blade has got a host of impressive features which might attract hardcore gamers to this platform. It will also be something for users who are looking for high-performance laptops, and don’t want to lug around systems as heavy as traditional gaming PCs.

razer blade gaming laptop sleek

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My Daily Tweets 08.26.11

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Notepad for Mac: Does More than Just Edit Text

082611_rg_NotepadOSX_01.jpgNotepad is the tried and true text editing software on Windows. We’ve actually got Notepad running 24/7 to write down our to-do lists and such, but there’s also a Notepad for Mac. This app does a lot more than just take notes, and allows you to manage all of the text files and snippets you’ve got on your computer, making it easy to find something you’re looking for.

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The DIY Castle Bed: MDF & a Bit of Love

082611_rg_DIYCastleBed_01.jpgWe’re pretty sure that everyone has made a fort of some kind using mattresses or their bed when they were younger. Imagine if you could easily turn that theme into a castle bed of some kind for your kids. There are plenty of different ideas available, but this one is based on an IKEA bed that’s been hacked with some MDF to give it this beautiful look.
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ETRO Robot Gives You an LED Wink

This new model of the ETRO robot comes with an animated LED faceplate, allowing it to fake simple emotions. The ETRO ‘bot was exhibited at the Daejon National Science Museum where it interacted with visitors. ETRO responded to people using simple phrases and changing its pixelated facial expressions, sort of reminding me of Eve from Wall-E.

etro etri robot faceplate led fake emotions south korea

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