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Big Brother UK S12E20 (Chanel 5)

The shit has hit the fan for Aaron. It’s going to end in tears. The HM get up. Aaron tells Mark that he’s in so much trouble. He says that he kissed Maisy last night.

Anton and Aden are in the diary room gossiping. Anton says that he heard some moaning. He woke Aden up and says that Aaron was hooking up with Maisy on the sly.
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Big Brother UK S12E19 (Channel 5)

The shit is going to hit the fan today. It’s all because of Aaron and a kiss. Louise shows off her thong, as does Maisy. Lots of bum action in the first few minutes.

Mark tells Harry that he will wank off today. Heaven, Faye, and Louise are talking that they are feeling funny today. They feel disturbed thanks to Rebeckah’s VT. Aden and Tom are speculating how they are perceived on the outside world. Tom thinks that it’s best not to know.
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The Most Unusual Smartphone Add-Ons

Most people simply rely on apps to expand the utility and capabilties of their smartphone. But there are certain tasks that require specific hardware add-ons, like medical monitoring or even something as chilling as radiation monitoring. Check out these unusual smartphones and accessories that can make your smartphone that much smarter…

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iLuv’s WorkStations Turn Your Tablet into a Desktop PC: Say What?

I get that you might need a keyboard to get things done with your tablet. It’s even better when that same Bluetooth keyboard doubles as a case and a stand, but iLuv’s new WorkStation series is a bit much for my taste.

iluv ipad workstation dock pc home mobile

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Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Tells Time in Two Time-Zones for Double the Confusion

The Kisai Rogue Touch watch is the latest TokyoFlash watch. It was previously featured on their blog as a concept last November, and now it’s become reality.

tokyoflash kisai rogue touch japan led lcd watch timepiece

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Trial & Error: Finding the Best Home Office Layout

It’s easy to get into a routine in your home office. And while we’d always like to believe we get things right the first time (like Mike’s setup above), it’s often the case optimizing a room like a home office takes a bit of trial and error. Which is why it’s paramount you fiddle around with the elements in your home office to discover the best possible layout. Here’s how…

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LEGO Robot Helps Test iPad Apps, Promises Not to Make Any In-App Purchases

Developers, what do you do when you don’t feel like testing your apps yourself? You built a LEGO Mindstorms robot to do the job for you. That’s basically what researchers and developers at the Pheromone Lab did recently. Their LEGO robot helped them test an app by taking 10,000 photos with it.

pheromone lab app tester lego mindstorms robot ipad

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Marvel Digital Portable 3G Mini Router: Perfect for Hacking on the Go

Marvel Digital’s 3G/LAN to WiFi Router is a portable device with a rechargeable battery and a 3G network dongle allowing you full mobility while up to 5 users get access to high speed Internet over the 3G mobile network.

marvel digital router lan wifi portable hacking

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