My Daily Tweets 10.30.11

  • Panasonic GX1 Spotted in Taiwan 12 hours ago
  • Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard Packs an Odd Name But Thin Style 12 hours ago
  • Hope to get this done this week. 30 Oct
  • Now all that I have left on my todo list is to mail some stuff to my wife, get the cat washed at a grooming store. 30 Oct
  • Both Spike and I just had a shower. He needed it. 30 Oct
  • There’s a frost advisory in Urbana Champaign @Joanna_Rees Love you! 30 Oct
  • Finished working. Time to walk Spike and get some grub. 30 Oct
  • Still 20C here in Taipei. 30 Oct
  • In Taiwan, they rarely fix their dogs. That’s what all the aggression is about with the Border Collies. 30 Oct
  • It was pretty late, so I would have had to wait for someone to open the main door, not ring some doorbells. 30 Oct
  • If I had waited 5 more minutes, I would have been locked out. Thankfully, I was out of the house only for a few minutes. 30 Oct
  • Went out to walk the dog last night, when I arrived at the park, realized I had forgotten my keys. Rushed back w Spike and got my keys. 30 Oct
  • Saw a cute Border Collie puppy last night though. 30 Oct
  • Kept my skull makeup on my face for about 3 hours before it got too much and I took it all off. 30 Oct
  • Spike is a dominant French bulldog, so he wants to be involved in any fights. Has created problems before because he spends time off leash 30 Oct
  • Number of Border Collies required to create a ruckus? 8. They fight every few minutes. 30 Oct
  • Sunday Morning and Spike tries to chew off his paw by licking it to death. Started watching #TheBorrowerArrietty last night. 30 Oct
  • Trent Reznor on social recommendations: “I don’t care what my friends are listening to, because I’m cooler than they are.” 29 Oct
  • True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. 29 Oct
  • My Halloween costume is actually just a thin smearing of pureed bat over my entire body, but I find it does the trick 30 Oct
  • Asian Americans most bullied in US schools: study 29 Oct
  • My Daily Tweets 10.29.11 30 Oct

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