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My Daily Tweets 12.27.11

  • Fly Your AR.Drone with a Game Controller and Spy on Neighbors More Precisely 1 minute ago
  • OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses 3 minutes ago
  • Just put the pets to bed. Spikey is under the covers 8 hours ago
  • Storytelling is a deadly business in Krzhizhanovsky’s “The Letter Killers Club.” 9 hours ago
  • Not sure I like that new Bear Grylls special on C4. I like it when he’s alone and does risky stuff. 9 hours ago
  • 5.05 KM (2.05 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM) 9 hours ago
  • Recovery drink is 500ml of fresh squeezed tangerine juice, thanks to my juicer. 10 hours ago
  • Time to check my numbers from my run b4 returning to Gantz. Got the anime series as well. Not bad, but slower than the movies. 10 hours ago
  • Took only 2 really short breaks, got a stitch but elevated arms for a short while and got rid of it. 10 hours ago
  • Broke out the compression socks tonight, bc the run was fast. 10 hours ago
  • I would NEVER be someone’s dirty little secret. #toogoodforthat #UpstateBitch 11 hours ago
  • @jackge @yiiee yeah you look great 10 hours ago
  • Enter to win your choice: a Nikon or Canon 70-200 lens & camera from @viewbug and Scott Bourne. Please RT. Info at: 12 hours ago
  • Another Night sounds a bit dated, but the ’09 version of Automatic Lover is pretty good. 14 hours ago
  • @djrange I like the raver chick dancing in this vid 14 hours ago
  • This was the good song of them that I remember – Real McCoy – Another Night… via @youtube 14 hours ago
  • Wow brings back memories from a long time ago Real McCoy – Automatic Lover (Call For Love)… 14 hours ago
  • Looking good. Will be good to eat for a few days. Peppers, fresh coriander, chicken, onions, mushroom sauce, 15 hours ago
  • Each time I stopped, she complained. 15 hours ago
  • Yoda was very affectionate w me when I came back. She demanded my attention, and then propped herself on my lat while I petted her. 15 hours ago
  • I have to cook the chicken that I bought yesterday, nothing too fancy, just grilled in a sauce. 15 hours ago
  • Made me feel a bit sick. 15 hours ago
  • Had a Ritter Sport Hazelnut square at the office, it was too much chocolate for me. I should have just eaten a bit of it. 15 hours ago
  • And I’m done w work. It’s the holidays and I finish at 8PM. not bad. 15 hours ago
  • Sears to close up to 120 stores, take up to $2.4B charges; comparable sales fall 15 hours ago
  • I like it when people buy tickets, it means that they will come and not back out. 15 hours ago
  • Bought tickets to go to Myst to see Dave Seaman and Christian Smith on NYE. Sean bought his as well. 15 hours ago
  • Back from work, time for a bit more work. Been tired all day 15 hours ago
  • Looks like I’ll finish #AlteredCarbon today or tomorrow. Pretty good. I still have 2 more books in the series to go. 19 hours ago
  • For a relationship to work, the man must provide the beer and money and the woman the pizza and the pussy. Anything else is inconsequential. 22 hours ago
  • this is a disgusting thing to know but I realized recently 4000 is the followers ceiling unless u can give someone money/a job or are on TV 27 Dec
  • @dizzydentgirl helped that she became a stripper and fucked someone else. Love became hate 27 Dec
  • @dizzydentgirl keeping up appearances. I’m well past that. I had been w my ex for 10 years a third of my life. 27 Dec
  • Might get them for my birthday bc before, I need to set up another workstation and get a NAS Drobo. 27 Dec
  • Sennheiser HD800 sound like the pair of hifi headphones to get. On my list. I can get them, since they are portable. 27 Dec
  • All right, set the wheels in motion, I’m going to go back to bed. Probably going to read a bit more of my book before going back to lalaland 27 Dec
  • @dizzydentgirl that’s what I’m going to do bc I’m recently single 27 Dec
  • @dizzydentgirl go to a club or a rave, dance the night away, kiss a random stranger at midnight 27 Dec
  • @EmilyGould I think I’m probably doing everything wrong. 27 Dec
  • #AlteredCarbon is my 82nd book of the year. I might hit 85 before the year is up. Not bad. 27 Dec
  • Yesterday I finished #EnderinExile and started #AlteredCarbon. Not bad. Ending my year in reading with scifi, just like I started. 27 Dec
  • Can’t remember the last day I had off from work and school, but I mean totally off, not working for a minute. 27 Dec
  • It’s rainy and I don’t feel like going to Taipei. Lucky for me, I have the option of doing so, at least today. 27 Dec
  • So I got up about an hour ago, but feel like going back to bed. Actually I probably will go back to bed. 27 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.26.11 27 Dec

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Fly Your AR.Drone with a Game Controller and Spy on Neighbors More Precisely

When the Parrot AR.Drone was released, it was supposed to be piloted from an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, that didn’t gel with some users since it’s not as precise as they’d like. Serious AR.Drone geeks have thought about using a game controller from their favorite video game, or even better, a flight-simulator joystick, and have put together various hacks to make this happen.

Drone Station Mac Game Controller Parrot AR 01

Read more @ Technabob

OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses

The OriHime robot was developed in Japan by Kentaro Yoshifuji, an engineering student at Waseda University, and it attempts to takes the robotic form to a sexy new level. While it has a more feminine form than the typical ‘bot, it definitely won’t be putting Victoria’s Secret models out of a job anytime soon.

orihime robot poses

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5.05 KM (2.05 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM)

I was pretty tired today, mostly because of the run last night and the fact that I went to bed somewhat later than usual. I didn’t really feel like going for a run, but one way or the other, I need to walk Spike, so it’s basically the perfect opportunity to go out for a run right after.

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My Daily Tweets 12.26.11

  • I hate when people text me, I text back acting like I lost my contacts & they ask me who I am. you texted me motherfucker. #bratproblems 2 hours ago
  • Revisiting the 2008 New School occupation:… 5 hours ago
  • @Juanvonwilligh yep, I sell it. It’s not a bad frameset. 8 minutes ago
  • Collaspible iPhone Camera Handle: You’ll Never Cover Up That Lens Again 25 minutes ago
  • R2-D2 Disneyland Souvenir Cup: Definitely The Droid We’re Looking For 27 minutes ago
  • Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Puxxle Pixel Puzzles 29 minutes ago
  • IBM announces predictions of the five technology innovations that will change our lives within the next five years 8 hours ago
  • Since I didn’t have to pay for a vacation or get something from Tiffany’s, I had spare money to spend on myself. 8 hours ago
  • And I did get an iPad 2, iPhone 4S and a new scooter this year. 8 hours ago
  • Actually, my boss did give me some shower gel and I wasn’t alone for Christmas, I was w friends. 8 hours ago
  • This year, the only presents I got were the ones I bought for myself. Word to the wise, be thankful for what you have. 8 hours ago
  • My favorite part of Christmas is taking poor kids door to door for trickorgifting. 26 Dec
  • Working on new screenplay for a sequel. I only have the title so far: The Bank Foreclosed on Our Zoo. 26 Dec
  • Typing this tweet on my computer because I didn’t get an iPad for Christmas. Fuck you you fucking fuck Santa! 26 Dec
  • Have cooled down from the shower and the run, time to get dressed again. I think I’ll watch a bit of Gantz: Perfect Answer tonight b4 bed 8 hours ago
  • Followed a few RT and found some interesting people to follow. Id like some trash yo 8 hours ago
  • When a woman says “size doesn’t matter” you can bet she’s fucking a guy with a small dick. #sizeDOESmatter #UpstateBitch 24 Dec
  • 4.69 KM (1.69 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM) 8 hours ago
  • got a stitch towards the end of my run, but kept going. 9 hours ago
  • promptly chased her around and put her to bed in her room. 9 hours ago
  • came back from a frigidly started run with the cat sitting on my computer desk, where she’s not supposed to go. 9 hours ago
  • @rejecter ha, I know what you mean. My penis thanks me for splitting up with my cheating wife 9 hours ago
  • It’s better to have loved and lost than to be stuck with the worst sex of your life, her ex told her. 9 hours ago
  • Debt and Growth in the G7 11 hours ago
  • “It’s time to sell the kids, you need these headphones” a review on the Sennheiser HD800 10 hours ago
  • HD800 from Sennheiser cost $1,500, PS1000 from Grado cost $1,650. Now those are expensive headphones! 11 hours ago
  • #DowntonAbbey Christmas special was satisfying. 11 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy She crossed a line, and I never want to hear from her again. Over the last few months, she basically tore apart what we had 11 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy pretty incredible, right? Anyway, WTF, she’s 2 steps away from being a whore. 11 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy house has lost a fifth of its value in a year. We bought it against my financial advice. I used to be a financial advisor 11 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy I realize that she’s been extremely selfish over the last few years, forcing us to buy a house in a losing market 11 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy cat and dog are good. Cat’s under the covers and the dog is snuggled next to the heater. 11 hours ago
  • I have to go for a run tonight. Since I wasn’t really home at night over the weekend, I didn’t run but I needed the rest. 13 hours ago
  • Currently converting Terence Tao’s 254B Expansion on Lie Groups class notes into PDF docs. 13 hours ago
  • Got Richard Morgan’s books, synced my iPad and I’m ready to go. About 20pg left in #EnderinExile 13 hours ago
  • Terra Nova Occupation Resistance S01E11 (Fox) 13 hours ago
  • @Raoul With my luck, they’ll do some racial profiling and send me to Guantanamo Bay 13 hours ago
  • @Raoul I have flown Lufthansa only when I was a kid. Since I live in Taipei, it’s Eva Air, Cathay Pacific, etc. Still, good to remember 13 hours ago
  • Someone recommended #RichardMorgan‘s #AlteredCarbon. Will start it today after I finish #EnderinExile 13 hours ago
  • @Raoul ha. I always have my iPod on though. Still rocking an ’08 iPod Classic w 160GB. 13 hours ago
  • @Raoul I don’t like it and this is probably the first year that I’d be annoyed w it since I got an iPad 2 and I have about 2880 books on it 13 hours ago
  • Downton Abbey or Doctor Who? Now that’s the question. 13 hours ago
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: List: Fun Holiday Recipes for Self-Sufficient Singles.:… via @AddThis 13 hours ago
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Jingle Bell FAQ.:… via @AddThis 13 hours ago
  • This is the 2nd time he’s done this. He must love her very much. Other time was on the shoulder. I thought that he had just hit her 13 hours ago
  • K1 Howard decided that he liked K2 Winnie so much that he bit her on the face. It wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t good. 13 hours ago
  • Whenever my razor starts to hurt when I shave, I know it’s time to change the blade, I shave everyday and this takes a couple of months. 13 hours ago
  • Two of my students, Coco and Vicky, gave me really nice Christmas cards. Both are in my grade 4 class. 13 hours ago
  • I like not having that many items to go through in my feed reader. Nice and slow. 14 hours ago
  • @Raoul take-off and landing don’t take that long, so the disruption isn’t really significant. It’s annoying, but I can live through it 14 hours ago
  • Disruptions: Norelco on Takeoff? Fine. Kindle? No.… 14 hours ago
  • Saw a guy riding his Pinarello Dogma with Dura Ace, worth about $9K in traffic in Banciao. It looked cool, but out of place. 14 hours ago
  • Alex Freund | Shades of Summer –… (via #sociablesite)… 14 hours ago
  • Not a bad day. Subbed for 3.5 hrs, taught for another 3h then got my work done in the morning since I got up at 6:30AM. The evening is mine 14 hours ago
  • @mathowie @glass @kelleydeal I’ve got 2 Kelley Deal scarves, one out of cashmere, they are very warm and nice to have around your neck 14 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy she became a stripper and screwed with other people behind my back. I couldn’t make this shit up. 14 hours ago
  • Stephen King’s Wang… 21 hours ago
  • @yiiee No worries. It was kind of funny and my friend Sean ended up the right combination of drunk and stoned while I drank coffee and water 20 hours ago
  • @wobblesmccoy separated and I’ll never see the bitch again. Thank god. What a mindfuck. 20 hours ago
  • @mathowie ha, doing the same over here. The season ended quite abruptly and I’m looking forward to seeing what happened next 26 Dec
  • “I hit my cat so much that she flinches eat time I touch her” a dad during the Christmas dinner 26 Dec
  • “Because of my gf, I got into Twilight” stuff that I didn’t really need to hear. 26 Dec
  • I don’t have any contact w my exes. Sorry. Not interested. I’m being polite. 26 Dec
  • Might have been writing too much about Star Wars… 26 Dec
  • @yiiee Had I known I would have invited you. The party I went to had way too much food. 26 Dec
  • @metricjulie They are way too expensive. More people would take the train if it were cheaper. 26 Dec
  • @lauraehall Cthulhu dice! Like those! 26 Dec
  • Monday morning and I’m pretty rested since I went for a “nap” at 8PM and woke up the next morning at 6:30AM. 26 Dec
  • What part of I never want to hear from you again didn’t you understand? 26 Dec
  • My Daily Tweets 12.25.11 26 Dec

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Collaspible iPhone Camera Handle: You’ll Never Cover Up That Lens Again

While point-and-shoot cameras are still popular, it comes as no surprise that the iPhone has taken the lead the most popular camera on Flickr. As such, if you’ve experimented, you’ve probably covered up the camera lens with your finger on more than one occasion while taking snapshots or videos. This easy, collapsible handle should help you to never make that mistake again.

Collapsible iPhone Handle 01

Read more @ Technabob

R2-D2 Disneyland Souvenir Cup: Definitely The Droid We’re Looking For

This awesome R2-D2 cup was discovered by Ryan over at GeekAlerts and I have to say that it looks a lot better than the one we featured a while ago, which was somewhat expensive and only available in Japan. The best thing about this R2 unit is that it looks good and you won’t spend too much money, if you live near Disneyland, that is.

R2 D2 Cup Souvenir Star Wars 01

Read more @ Technabob

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Puxxle Pixel Puzzles

I used to like putting together puzzles, but I have gotten out of the habit over the years. These awesome pixel puzzles might just rekindle my love for puzzles, since they aren’t just puzzles, you can actually use them to decorate the walls of your house.

Puxxle Puzzle Pixel 01

Read more @ Technabob

4.69 KM (1.69 KM Speed Walk) + Short Run (3 KM)

Since I went out on Friday and Saturday, I didn’t get much exercise, though I walked and danced quite a bit. While I went to bed at 6AM two days in a row, I went to bed at 8PM last night and got up at 6:30AM. Even with this long amount of sleep, I was still a bit tired during the day. I usually catch up on sleep on the weekend, but when you go to bed so late, it’s hard to sleep the whole day away, especially when you’ve got work to get done.

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Terra Nova Occupation Resistance S01E11 (Fox)

Terra Nova billboard via Fox

It took some time, but I’m glad that we managed to see Terra Nova. The pilot had been delayed for a while, ever since last May. I didn’t expect much, since I don’t really keep apprised of the latest TV news, but I was happily surprised with the pilot. The setting is quite interesting. While the future 2149 setting isn’t really that important, it set the mood nicely. It was a sort of Big Brother-like future, where people weren’t allowed to have many children and the Earth was becoming non-sustainable for human life. The time fracture, opening 85 million years into the past, allows different pilgrimages to settle in healthy biosphere, but populated by dinosaurs. I like the fact that this isn’t the same timeline as before. They entered another worldine, which is the only way that this could make sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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