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Feixen by Felix Pfäffli

by Felix Pfäffli, Feixen, László Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy By Felix Pfäffli {via butdoesitfloat}

Pavel Tchelitchew

Inacheve 1957

It is told in the Orient of the Hindu god Krishna that his mother, wiping his mouth when he was a child, inadvertently peered in and beheld the universe, though the sight was mercifully and immediately veiled from her.

{via butdoesitfloat}
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Amy Shackleton

Amy Shackleton The Hidden City

{via butdoesitfloat}

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Batman Pajamas by Katie Turner

Neat Batman tribute by Katie Turner

Rocker Switch Array Display Says Hello World.

This must be one of the largest rocker switch arrays that I’ve ever seen (or is it the only one?). Needless to say that I hope Valentin Ruhry got a volume discount on all those rocker switches used to create his display since he used about 4,750 of them to make it.

rocker switch array funf raume valentin ruhry art display

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Ballpoint Sketches By Marc Holmes of Havana, Cuba

Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón

I like how minimal this ballpoint sketch is, by Marc Holmes.

September 9 2010

Recent daily art in a MS Color-a-Month

Cheveux Rouges by Kat+Duck [NSFW]

Cheveux Rouges

Beautiful series of photos by Kat+Duck. This is one of the reasons why I am married to a redhead.

Saskia Edens NSFW

Saskia Edens

I’ve been staring at this photo of Saskia Edens since yesterday, on and off. I find it very intriguing what she was able to do with just some paint and her body. Saskia Edens is an artist from Basel, Switzerland. Although I’m used to women with skull faces, because of a well-known female artist that paints women with faces that are painted with skulls – although for some reason, her name escapes me at the moment, and I can’t find her with Google, Edens’ work is quite striking. A statement on anorexia?

{via design aside}

Shawn Smith’s Pixel Sculptures Combine 8-Bit World With Real World

When I see art that’s made out of big pixels, I always tend to take off my glasses to see how they look when they are blurry. Sure enough, since I’m nearsighted, usually they look pretty good. Artist Shawn Smith has created some great pieces of art, which bring pixels into the real world.

shawn smith re-things pixels voxels art design

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