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Apple Tablet Designs Surface (From 1983)

Back in the ’80s, Apple was already thinking about a tablet-like computer. These are the early prototypes that were created all the way back in 1983.

apple tablet mac computer retro

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History of the Ampersand

History of the Ampersand

Gerald has linked to a great article on the history of the ampersand. I found it fascinating. The article is actually more than that. It’s got a short history and lots of photos about ampersands in media and type. {via presurfer}

You can see the evolution of the ampersand below (1 is like the original Roman ligature, 2 and 3 are from the fourth century, and 4-6 are from the ninth century).

Al Gore Is A Typomaniac

Old Brioni font vs new Brioni font

Looks like Al Gore is also a typomaniac,

A person who is obsessed with typography, or more generally with the business of printing and publishing 2006, Neil Macmillan, An A-Z of Type Designers[1], ISBN 0300111517, page 166:

Snakes On A Bus

Advertisement for the Copenhagen Zoo

I thought that this ad for the Copenhagen Zoo was really interesting. It’s actually an ad printed on a bus.

Snakes on this bus

Kelley Deal Scarves

Kelley Deal's Sweet Tooth Scarf. I want it!

These one-of-a-kind scarves are handmade by Kelley Deal from old sweaters. I love the one pictured above, it’s called Sweet Tooth. Kind of reminds me of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who scarf.

{via cf}

Maria Jagodzinska by Tom Ford

Maria Jagodzinska shot by Tom Ford himself for his eyewear collection

Maria Jagodzinska shot by Tom Ford himself for his eyewear collection, NSFW

Gotaz Magazine #03

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Inspiration: Ron Arad’s Lolita Pendant Combines LEDs and Crystals

061809_rg_crystalsms_01.jpgIt seems that more and more, technology and common household items are becoming entangled. LEDs are starting to appear everywhere, from watches, to lamps, to displays. LEDs can be used in a variety of ways, but this is the first time that we have seen them used in a pendant lamp as a display of sorts for information.

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Tony Ariawan

Great work by Tony Ariawan

Great work by Tony Ariawan

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The Clock of Clocks: Using Analog Clocks to Created Digital Time

051809_rg_clock_clock_01.jpgWe love our clocks. Even though watches and clocks seem to be getting less and less use these days, it’s always refreshing to have a nice clock in the living room, the kitchen or the office to tell time accurately. It’s also kind of relaxing to have interesting clocks, not just simple digital or analog ones. They need to be different. That’s why we found the Clock Clock so interesting. It’s a clock made out of other clocks.

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