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Use Remember The Milk In Gmail

Use a task list by Remember The Milk in Gmail

Tasks Using Gmail

A small new feature from Gmail Labs, which incorporates to-do lists into Gmail.

Mentally Drained

I feel a bit out of it.

I’ve got another article to finish for tomorrow. It’s completed, but it must be formatted with HTML tags and the like.

I had misread the rules of a contest to become a guest author on another blog/magazine. I thought that it was only a proposal, when it was actually an article. At least the article was short, but formatting it once again took a little while. I just finished a short while ago and I feel like a zombie.

I think that I’m going to have to stick with a strict routine in order to GTD. I usually do my writing in the morning or at night.

Writing posts and articles everyday for money is hard work.

Customize Web Clips In Gmail

Web Clips are these little things on top of your inbox in Gmail. I thought they were ads. Do I use them? No. Here’s a handy way of turning them off via the official Gmail blog. God I love Gmail.

What Steve Pavlina Learned From Going Bankrupt

A really nice article on what Steve Pavlina learned from going bankrupt in his early twenties about life and finances.

Inbox Zero

Applied GTD and Inbox Zero to my Gmail account. I only keep the things I’m working on in my inbox. I’ve got 4 emails. The rest is archived.

GTD Gmail

Get things done with Gmail is a Firefox extension that implements the GTD ethic into your inbox.

Inbox Heaven

Great article on email productivity with Gmail at Put Things Off.

Moleskine Hack

Using a moleskine notebook to GTD.

Gmail Shortcuts

If you are slowly getting the hang of only using Gmail as your default email client, shortcuts will become a part of your life. Recently Google has rolled out a few new shortcuts.

Another great trick when you aggregate your email from other accounts into a single Gmail account is to search via labels. Labels are like tags but for email. Gmail is really interesting to use, because it will put labels on mails. You can create labels and change them as well.

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