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Various Glee Quotes

People thought I went away on vacation, but I spent the summer lost in the sewers.
Britney in Glee S02E01

I don’t brush my teeth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure that Dr. Pepper was a dentist.
Britney in Glee S02E02

It’s a Britney Spears sex riot.
Coach Sylvester Glee S02E02

I’m not making out with you because I’m in love with you and I want to sing about making lady-babies.
Santana in Glee S02E04

-Hi. So, I just want you to know that I’m really into you.
-OK. I’m a little confused. You’ve never made eye contact with me.
-I know. For a while, I thought you were a robot.
Britney and Artie

For our duet, we’re gonna do it.

The only straight I am is a straight up bitch.
Santana in Glee S02E18

The Other Guys Quotes

Aesthetically, they’re not the most attractive things in the world anyway.
Surgeon about Jack’s balls

I feel like I’m partners with the hulk.

I got so drunk last night, I thought that toothpaste was astronaut food.

The Pacific Quotes

The man who says that he isn’t scared out here is either a liar or dead.
LT in Pacific Part 6

They taught me to kill japs. I got pretty damn good at it.
Sledge in Part X

She’s Out of My League Quotes

-Are you a plane doctor?
-Then shut the fuck up.
-Then shit in your hands

She’s setting you up with the bitchy friend, which is perfect

For you, because you like bitches.
Stainer to Kirk

You’re like Yoda, sex Yoda.

Family Guy Quotes

Someone colored in your ass with too much ass, fat ass.
Family Guy

And I’ll get Fatty McLoudMouth
Peter Griffin

Houses & Windows & Flattery

If I could window my house with flattery, I wouldn’t need the glass.
Babur in The Shadow Line S01E07

Engrenages saison 3

Je suis en train de me taper la troisième saison d’Engrenages. J’ai découver cette série française lorsque je regardais les épisodes de Wallander en suédois. A priori, j’aime bien Audrey Fleurot, parce que c’est une rousse, et que j’ai un faible pour les rousses. Ma femme est rousse, naturallement.

Enfin, Engrenages est une excellente série. Je me demander pourquoi il n’y a pas plus de séries françaises qui passent à la télévision québécoise. Cette série se nomme Spiral en anglais. Elle aurait due être traduite par Cog et non Spiral.

-Qu’est-ce que je peux faire maintenant, M. le Procureur?
-Ce que vous savez faire le mieux, ça veux dire foutre la merde!
Juge d’instruction Roban et M. Machard

Noam Chomsky & Christopher Hitchens on OBL and 9/11

George Scialabba on Hitchens when he writes about Noam Chomsky.

Over the last decade, Hitchens has reenacted the drama of Dorian Gray: his prose style has waxed ever more elegant, while his political judgment and his polemical morality have decayed.

American intellectuals, whose responsibility it was to lead the national conversation beyond uncritical acceptance of the premises of state policy, failed entirely.

If the American citizenry ever learn, in relation to their country’s international behavior, Auden’s simple yet difficult lesson that “Those to whom evil is done/Do evil in return” (or their benighted sympathizers do), it will be despite rather than because of the efforts of Hitchens and the large majority of American intellectuals who, about these matters at least, agree with him.

Suppose someone says that Pearl Harbor so inflamed American feeling that the firebombing of Japanese cities and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, though morally indefensible, were all but inevitable. Does saying this absolve the American officials who ordered the bombings or imply that the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians who died as a result was “richly deserved”? By Hitchens’s logic, yes.

Noam Chomsky’s reaction to OBL’s assassination.

It’s like naming our murder weapons after victims of our crimes: Apache, Tomahawk… It’s as if the Luftwaffe were to call its fighter planes “Jew” and “Gypsy.”

There is much talk of bin Laden’s “confession,” but that is rather like my confession that I won the Boston Marathon. He boasted of what he regarded as a great achievement.

Dubious & Ludicrous Claims by Apprentice UK Contestant Melody Hossaini

I was taught by Al Gore, Desmond Tutu, and [the] Dalai Lama
Melody Hossaini

I haven’t really got the stomach to watch Celebrity Apprentice anymore, because of Trump’s egomania. His birtherism claims left me with an aftertaste, making the show almost unwatchable. However, I’ve grown to really enjoy the UK version of The Apprentice. There are no celebrities involved, which is good in my book. Here are some of the most ludicrous claims I’ve ever heard from an Apprentice contestant. Many of these idiots pad their CV and it usually comes to bite them in the ass later on.

Food Rakes

Food Rakes

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