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Survivor Blood Vs Water Swoop In For The Kill S27E07 (CBS)

So Kat was voted out. I’m surprised she lasted this long. She complains at Redemption. She cries. I don’t care. It’s time for the duel. It’s time for Hayden to decide if it’s time to switch. She wants him to switch but in the end they don’t. This was boring. They have to assemble a puzzle that looks complicated. It doesn’t really matter much because we know Laura will win. The race is for second place. John is in the lead. He wins. Laura needs to look at John’s puzzle to get further. Kat says that it’s cheating. Laura finishes 2nd. Kat is out. John gives the clue to Monica who tosses it into the fire.

Hayden feels bad. He plans on using the fact that he lost his loved one to strengthen his alliance. Aras is feeling good. Back at camp, Tyson is talking about the merge and how it will play out. Tyson wants Aras gone because he will link up with Vytas.

At Galang, Tina is starting to like Vytas. She wouldn’t mind if Vytas would hook up with her daughter. Vytas is using his yoga skills to charm the girls.

In my experience, women love a bad boy. But what they even like more than a bad boy is a newly reformed bad boy.

There is a whole bit on Laura that’s really boring. She’s just the next one out. The women talk about what will happen if they lose. Vytas is gone.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Four members will be chained together. They will collect bags to create bolos. First tribe to land three on their target wins. They will win all the fried chicken they can eat. Ciera sits this one out. The tribes are evenly matched. Monica isn’t letting Aras through. Both tribes have all of their bags. Tyson has 2, Tina has 1. Tina gets her second. Tyson scores and Tadhana wins immunity and reward.

Tadhana digs in. At Galang, Laura cries and tells Vytas that he’s a goner. He doesn’t appreciate it. Monica and Katie can’t believe what just happened. All of the women are weary of Laura. Tina tells Vytas. The others confirm.

It’s like a pride alliance. Females are in control but they always need one alpha male to keep around, otherwise there’s no future for the pride.

It’s time for tribal. Laura says that she told Vytas he was going home. Monica says that she should have talked about it.

Votes to Evict

Katie Laura
Laura Vytas
Monica Laura
Vytas Laura
Tina Laura

Laura is voted out no one is surprised except Laura.

Survivor Blood Vs Water The Dead Can Still Talk S27E05 (CBS)

It’s going to be awkward at Redemption. Candice is very happy that Brad is there. Candice has no love lost for him. She’d be happy to see him leave.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water One Armed Dude & Three Moms S27E04 (CBS)

John is going to face off against is wife at Redemption. That’s going to be fun. At Tadhana, the guys are happy. Brad is gloating.

It’s time for the duel. Candice gives Brad the finger.

Somebody I could hate like Brad Culpepper.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water Opening Pandora’s Box S27E03 (CBS)

So Rachel was voted out last time in hopes that Tyson would take her place on Redemption Island.

At Galang, Colton continues to be frustrated with his tribe. They have also noticed that he’s basically the same.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water: Rule in Chaos S27E02 (CBS)

Merissa arrives at Redemption Island and tells them that it was another blindside. It wasn’t. Candice tells her that she called out Culpepper and that’s why she was evicted.

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Survivor Blood & Water: Blood Is Thicker Than Anything S27E01(CBS)

We’ve heard quite a bit about this season. It’s finally time for it to begin. Returning players will be matched against their loved ones. Gervase, Kat, Rupert, Laura, Colton, Candice, Monica, Tina, Tyson, Aras are starting off with their loved ones at different spots on the island. They are spending the night alone in the jungle with their loved ones.

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Daft Punk – Get Lucky – Full Version, Radio Edit

A couple of days after some fake leaks, looped fan-made edits, and the teaser trailer for Get Lucky, the first single off Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories, it finally leaked onto the Internet. The song is about 4:06 and includes the funky goodness of this whole track. The single will release this Friday, and I’ve been playing it non-stop for 30 minutes. It definitely beats the 1 minute promo.

{via dj tony stark}

Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Persona Non Grata S26E05 (CBS)

Survivor Caramoan Title, Via Wikipedia

The fans think that they need to win challenges. The vote went down that way. The idol also got flushed out. Reynolds is the man at camp who’s able to get things done as well. Mikael is threatened by this.

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Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Kill or Be Killed S26E04 (CBS)

Survivor Caramoan Title, Via Wikipedia

So another blond chick got evicted last week. I wasn’t surprised. Back at camp, Eddie is annoyed. He takes it up with his tribe. He gets into Sherri’s face, and she isn’t happy about it. Reynolds blames Laura for making him look like a fool.

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Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay S26E03 (CBS)

Survivor Caramoan Title, Via Wikipedia

Reynolds is an idiot for so easily showing his idol. It has almost no power now. The power of the idol resides in the fact when no one knows about it. Reynolds makes a big deal about playing the game. Shamar starts getting in his face. They start arguing. Shamar starts yelling at everyone. If he was at a bar, he could get kicked out.

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