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The Like Tip Box: Tipping for Facebookers

Here’s a nice way of asking people to leave tips at a carry-out or coffee house, using this Facebook-inspired Like Tip Box from Pukka/Dank. It’s definitely more interesting than leaving a plain old glass jar around and it’s perfect for all those social networking addicts.

pukka dank like tip box facebook

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Facebook’s iPad App Hiding Inside iPhone Version

It’s been a while since the Facebook iPhone app was released, but people have been anxiously awaiting the iPad app, which, thanks to its larger screen, will make using Facebook a lot more fun. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler reports that the iPad app is actually hidden in the iPhone app codebase, and has been able to play with the app on an iPad ever since Facebook updated their iPhone app to 3.4.4 yesterday.

facebook iphone ipad app hidden code

Read more @ Technabob Make Your Facebook Feed Look Like an Excel Spreadsheet

Do you work in an office that still allows you to access Facebook? If you do, then check out this awesome stealth way of looking up on your news feed. It makes your feed look like an Excel spreadsheet. Now that’s stealthy, thanks to!


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A Vacation from Power: A Storm, Angry Birds, Jonathan Franzen @ The Firmuhment

Long post by Justin Wolfe over at the Firmuhment. In it, the talks about being left without power during Memorial Day, playing Angry Birds Rio naked with his girlfriend, and Jonathan Franzen. I think it’s about 12,000 words long.

S.N.A.K. Facebook Keyboard: For People Totally Addicted to Facebook

This strangely-named keyboard, the S.N.A.K., which stands for Social Network Access Keyboard, has got way too many Facebook logos for my taste, and ultimately it does look like a Dynex Multimedia Keyboard with some stickers on it, but hey, if you love Facebook and social networking, this might be right up your alley.

facebook s.n.a.k. keyboard multimedia computer input

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Twitter and Facebook Shoes: Tweet With Your Feet?

Would you ever buy Twitter or Facebook shoes? With the amount of people using these services, I’m sure that there is a market for these.


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Why Facebook’s Email Service Won’t Compete With Gmail

111610_rg_FMail_01.jpgIt’s easy to find a reason why Facebook’s email service, or much hyped Gmail-killer, won’t really affect Gmail all that much: spam. How much spam do you get in your Facebook message box? I get tons. How much spam do I get in Gmail? Not a lot and if I do, Gmail’s spam filter is notoriously efficient. However, technically speaking, Facebook Messages isn’t designed to compete with Gmail, or is it?

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Cutting Down Online Stresses With Time Management

102210_rg_DangersofFacebook_01.jpgIs social networking bringing you down? Are you getting tired of checking up on all of your Facebook “friends”? Then maybe it’s time to cut down on your online Facebook time by managing your stress and social networking by spending less time on those sites. Being connected 24/7 is slowly becoming a reality for everyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection.

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Facebook Android Phones: Will You Buy One? Probably Not

The Internet has been filled with rumors of Facebook working on their own mobile phones. Am I excited? Not really. I doubt that they’ll come up with anything novel. Still, it remains to be seen what the 4.9-billion-dollar man, Mark Zuckerberg, has up his platinum and diamond-encrusted sleeves.

facebook inq mobile cell phone app social networking

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Using Social Networking to Recycle, Sell, & Donate Tech

Love it or leave it, social networking is here to stay. No matter how much you might love it or dislike it, it’s very useful when you have to connect with people you know. When you are trying to get rid or sell some old tech, one of the best ways is to leverage you social networking contacts.

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