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Brad Gillette’s Isolation Chamber Basement Home Office

When you need to get stuff done, it helps immensely when you don’t have any distractions. While most people would like to have windows near their workstations, this basement home office is called the Isolation Chamber, and it allows its owner, Brad Gillette, to work his days away editing photos.

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Garrett Murray’s LA Master Bedroom Home Office for 2 DeskTops

Having a multi-functional home office is always a bonus, especially when it can be used as a guest room, living room, and also an office for two. This usually requires space, which is why Garrett Murray turned his master bedroom into a home office for two. The added square footage allowed him to make an expansive setup, for both himself and his wife.

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When Your Living Room Is Also Your Home Office

090611_rg_CreativeLounge_00.jpgLiving room home offices might sound less than ideal (no separation of work and relaxation), but they’re often necessary you’re a small space dweller. It is in fact a setup we have in our own home right now; we had to get rid of a lot of stuff and make some serious compromises to get it up and working (no TV). Thus, we’re a bit envious about Eddy’s workstation up above, which presents a seamless and aesthetic workspace presence in the middle of a living space…

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A Couple’s Cubicle at Home Dual Desk Setup DeskTops

Setting up a home office for two isn’t always easy, especially if both partners work from home and require enough work area for their daily tasks. Just like most things related to relationships, you need to compromise. Such was the case with this simple yet gorgeous dual desk setup, combined together into a single long workspace. The setup creates work areas that are together, yet apart, near mirror images of one another…

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Mitch’s Multi-Monitor, Over the Top Home Office

It’s not always easy to create a multi-monitor setup with 3 or more screens, but Mitch Haile’s updated attic home office sees your three monitors and raises you two more. Not many people use 5 monitors all at once, but the overall look and feel of his home office accommodates for the wraparound display with some thoughtful planning (if not a little obsessive). Many of us would love to have a similar setup, but as Mitch mentions, this is an over-the-top version of a home office built both for function and as a hobby.

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How $500 in Video Cards Can Power 5 Monitors

071911_rg_AffordableMultiMonitorSetup_01.jpgWhile many people think that multiple monitor setups are the holy grail (or the unicorn?) of workstation awesomeness, not everyone is willing to shell out a couple of grand to get things started. This is why we like how this workstation came together. You won’t need that much money to put this together, and the overall investment is affordable if you definitely want to go multi-monitor.

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Making the All IKEA Look Less Plain Vanilla

071411_rg_LessVanillaIKEA_01.jpgGetting the home office furniture isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you just got to go with whatever works. A lot of people are using furniture that comes from IKEA. While there it’s easy to set up your whole home office from IKEA, if you use your imagination, you can come up with some interesting hacks and reuses to make your work area less plain.

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Get a Wire-Free Desk: Taut Cables & Velcro

Here at Unplggd, we’re always trying to get our workplace as uncluttered as possible. One of the biggest problems with this process include finding innovative ways of dealing with the mess of cables that is running around underneath our desks. It’s not always easy and you have to work at it in order to get a clean desk, one that promotes productivity.

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When Your Desk Doesn’t Fit In Your Home Office

062811_rg_MakeWorkstationFit_01.jpgMoving homes is never pleasant. It can come as a nasty surprise when your beloved workstation desk no longer fits in the space you have available. You might wonder what to do. This is also the case when you thought your desk would fit flush but you’re left with some extra space. There are a few different solutions that you can apply in order to make them fit.

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Make Social Networking Screen Sleep Fast When Working

060811_rg_TwoScreenSleep_01.jpgMore and more people are working from home, and it’s safe to say that there are quite a few distractions compared to working in an office. That’s why we’ve come across an easy productivity trick, so that you don’t waste hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and still remain productive. It’s so easy to get lost in multi-tasking and it has been shown that doing one thing at a time is a lot better than doing five.

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