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What Microsoft’s Kinect Looks Like In Infrared: Spooky!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you must be aware that Microsoft has just released their Wii-competitor. It’s an accessory that works with your Xbox 360 and it’s called Kinect. What’s really interesting is how the Kinect works when looked at with an infrared camera.

ir microsoft kinect video games gestures

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Can You Live & Work Without Microsoft Office?

110210_rg_LivingWithoutMSOffice_01.jpgIt’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t use a word processor everyday how much some people use them. While some users may only use word processors once a week, they can be always open for some users. We can’t really speak of word processors without mentioning Microsoft Word and Office. The interesting question is, can you live without Microsoft Office?

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Microsoft Will Arc Keyboard After Arching Mouse

010710_rg_ArcKeyboard_01.jpgWe really liked the Arc Mouse from Microsoft, and now it looks like Microsoft is going to be arching a keyboard as well. It does look swell!

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Apple Is More Evil Than Microsoft

Is Apple more evil that the dreaded M$? Back when I was a developer, we hated M$ with a passion, but had to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

Anil Dash on Google’s MS Moment

Anil Dash comments on Google’s Microsoft moment since they are going to have multiple competing products lines, ie Android vs Chrome OS.

This is, for lack of a better term, Google’s “Microsoft Moment”. This is the point when the difference between their internal conception of the company starts to diverge just a bit too far from the public perception of the company, and even starts to diverge from reality. At this inflection point, the reasons for doing new things at Google start to change.

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Microsoft Hohm Helps You Save Energy and Money

062509_rg_hohm_01.jpgIn this economy, and probably in any other, it’s always wise to find ways to save money on expenses. Analyzing your power bill and taking the time to find out exactly what costs you the most is a great way of trying to reduce expenses and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Even if you aren’t crazy about being green, everyone likes saving money.

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Microsoft’s AI Santa Is Full Of Bugs And Lewd Language

Microsoft’s AI Santa is full of bugs and lewd language, which is the norm for M$. At least this time, you don’t have to swear at it, it does so for you!

Windows C’est De La Marde

I hate M$ and freaking Windows. Why would they install a 32-bit operation system on a 64-bit computer rig? That totally sucks ass.

Freaking Vista is so packed with bloaterware that it just runs so slow. Enough said. At least I don’t have Linux. Like my roommate says, Linux c’est pour les pauvres.

Microsoft Gates + Seinfeld Ads Canceled

Those annoying Microsoft ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld were finally canceled. I thought that they sucked, I guess I wasn’t the only one.

The Reason Behind The Xbox 360 Ring Of Death

A great expose on the reason why so many Xbox 360 consoles were turning out to be duds.

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