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The Himalayan Mount Jomolhari

The Paro Taktsang Palphug Buddhist monastery

The Paro Taktsang Palphug Buddhist monastery


By Mariam Sitchinava

{via Split Personality}

Henrik Purienne

Sexy pics by Henrik Julienne

{via Amy&Pink}

Proposition One: X-rayed Objects without X-rays

Ever thought about what your gadgets would look like when they’re X-rayed? Or how would they look if you would have X-ray vision? Well, Spanish photographer Max de Esteban surely asked himself this question when he decided to create this series of photos of X-rayed objects that he called Proposition One.

max de esteban x-ray objects photos design tech retro

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Darth Vader in His Underwear with His Evil Superhero Grandpa, Say What?

This series of photos were shot by Sacha Goldberger, and they are entitled The Darks Part II. In it, a (anti-)superhero named Dark Papouka befriends Darth Vader and they have some fun together. Darth Vader tries to get into the superhero act by wearing his underwear on the outside of his outfit.

darth vader mamika mr papika superheroes star wars grandpa

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Claire Doing Some Ballet Planking

Claire doing ballet and planking in NYC, via Amy & Pink

2011 Pan American Games

Opening ceremonies, via In Focus

China in the 21st Century

"Beyond the Vision" artwork exhibition designed by French artist Serge Salat in Beijing

Skyscraper in the village of Huaxi Jiangsu province, China's richest village

The Belchatow Power Plant in Poland

Coal-fire power plant near Lodz, Poland

Small is Beautiful

An Ant, via The Atlantic's In Focus

The fly!

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