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Sleep Inertia And Photography Exhibits

A photo that my wife Joanna Rees took from her exhibit.

I went to bed at about 1AM last night. I made the mistake of getting up at around 1PM today. When you either wake in the middle of a sleep cycle or sleep too much, you feel all groggy and mixed up. That is called sleep inertia. Naturally everyone suffers a bit of sleep inertia when they wake up. It’s normal.

I’ve been experimenting with power naps and caffeine naps this week. I’m pretty satisfied with the results. The half hour naps are really good and bring back my alertness. I’ve even stopped needing an alarm clock to wake up in time. They will be useful in the upcoming semester.

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Power Nap

I took a power nap today.

I went to bed at around 1:30AM. As usual, I got up at 7:30AM. It wasn’t enough. Today is my busiest day, so I only had an hour and half between classes at lunch.

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