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Make Social Networking Screen Sleep Fast When Working

060811_rg_TwoScreenSleep_01.jpgMore and more people are working from home, and it’s safe to say that there are quite a few distractions compared to working in an office. That’s why we’ve come across an easy productivity trick, so that you don’t waste hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and still remain productive. It’s so easy to get lost in multi-tasking and it has been shown that doing one thing at a time is a lot better than doing five.

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Twitter Trappings

It’s true that many people are becoming lost in multi-tasking and losing the ability to focus effectively on a single task. We are creating a generation of scatterbrains. There’s no need to Google every single question immediately. Most of the time, once you’ve read it, you forget it. Read more over at the NYT.

Basically, we are outsourcing our brains to the cloud.

The Limits of Crowds

Excellent post about what happened on Sunday night with Osama bin Laden and the response during Obama’s speech.

Taking Time Outs From Social Apps to Be More Productive

120710_rg_StayingUnplggd_01.jpgWhile social networking is a great tool for many different reasons, it’s not always easy to be remain productive while you’ve got Facebook and Twitter running. We’ve found that constantly checking up on social networking feeds can actually be counterproductive. There are some easy ways to get around this in order to stay productive, especially when you spend time in front of a computer.

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Smartphones & Conversations

It’s pretty annoying when you’re talking someone, and then they whip out their smartphone and merely grunt assertions. It’s probably happened to many of us, but it’s extremely rude and if it happens, we shouldn’t stand for it.

“I’m fine with people stepping aside to check something, but when I’m standing in front of someone and in the middle of my conversation they whip out their phone, I’ll just stop talking to them and walk away. If they’re going to be rude, I’ll be rude right back.”

It’s not just conferences full of inforati where this happens. In places all over America (theaters, sports arenas, apartments), people gather in groups only to disperse into lone pursuits between themselves and their phones.

“Last year, for my friend’s birthday, my gift to her was to stay off my phone at her birthday dinner,” said Molly McAleer, who blogs and sends Twitter messages under the name Molls. “How embarrassing.”

When I talk to someone, I give them my full attention. If they don’t, I won’t.

In the instance of screen etiquette, sharing is not always caring, and sometimes, the bigger the screen, the larger the faux pas [...]

“This is the way the world works now. We’re always connected and always on call. And some of us prefer it that way.”
MG Siegler from TechCrunch

“My personal pet peeve is people who live-tweet every interaction,” said Roxanna Asgarian, a student at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism who attended South by Southwest this year. “I prefer to experience the thing itself over the experience of telling people I’m doing the thing.”

Mobile devices do indeed make us more mobile, but that tether is also a leash, letting everyone know that they can get you at any second, most often to tell you they are late, but on their way.

And therein lies the real problem. When someone you are trying to talk to ends up getting busy on a phone, the most natural response is not to scold, but to emulate. It’s mutually assured distraction.

S.N.A.K. Facebook Keyboard: For People Totally Addicted to Facebook

This strangely-named keyboard, the S.N.A.K., which stands for Social Network Access Keyboard, has got way too many Facebook logos for my taste, and ultimately it does look like a Dynex Multimedia Keyboard with some stickers on it, but hey, if you love Facebook and social networking, this might be right up your alley.

facebook s.n.a.k. keyboard multimedia computer input

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Cutting Down Online Stresses With Time Management

102210_rg_DangersofFacebook_01.jpgIs social networking bringing you down? Are you getting tired of checking up on all of your Facebook “friends”? Then maybe it’s time to cut down on your online Facebook time by managing your stress and social networking by spending less time on those sites. Being connected 24/7 is slowly becoming a reality for everyone with a smart phone and an Internet connection.

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Health & Being Online: Reasons to Log Off

These days, many people are always online in some way, via their smart phones, tablets, or via their laptops. It doesn’t matter if you’re not at home, if you want to you can be reachable at any time. For some professions, this is a necessity, but for a lot of others, it isn’t. While we think that the Internet is great, we also think that people should log off now and again.

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Using Social Networking to Recycle, Sell, & Donate Tech

Love it or leave it, social networking is here to stay. No matter how much you might love it or dislike it, it’s very useful when you have to connect with people you know. When you are trying to get rid or sell some old tech, one of the best ways is to leverage you social networking contacts.

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Twitter Mug: Custom Mug From Twitter Profile Pics

Nope, this mug won’t tweet for you, but it will show off all the people you follow on Twitter.


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