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Japanese Robot Mimics Complex Calligraphy

It takes years for a person to learn how to write Japanese or Chinese characters. There’s good news though. Robots can do it a lot quicker. A research group has developed a ‘bot that can identify and mimic detailed brush strokes that are required to write these kinds of characters.

japanese calligraphy robot

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Six Snarling Stray Dogs

Six snarling stray dogs came at me and Spike this afternoon while I was walking Spike. They went for Spike, who was pleasantly going about his business at the park. They acted like a hunting pack and were growling, snarling, and snapping. When I saw them approach and surround my Frenchie Spike, who was off leash, I ran at them, shouting and swearing loudly, using my umbrella to scare them.

And scare them I did. They ran off, almost as quickly as they appeared. I pursued them until they were gone. Umbrellas work well with strays, who are usually scared of them and run away. Most strays are scaredy cats; they’ve grown used to men harming them, so they stay away from people who make noise and have umbrellas or sticks.

I realized I hadn’t been afraid and I’d be damned if some ruthless strays would hurt my Frenchie. Spike didn’t move during the exchange. He’s a dominant dog, but he knew that he was outnumbered. They didn’t hurt him either. One of them snapped at his neck and jowls, but I started my charge before they drew blood. Maybe I should have yelled ‘Sparta’.

The Persians

On my way home from school on Thursday, after having filled up Die Rote Zora with 98 octane, I saw a girl holding her Persian cat. It was partly orange and had big green eyes. It barely moved in her arms. I was at a red light. The cat got too heavy for the girl, who was about 10, and she gave it to her mommy. They crossed the street and I’ll probably never see them again.

I always like going to the vet’s because his place is always swarming with animals. He’s got a few nice cats, including a grey Persian, who loves to get a pet. They are usually all over the place and it’s quite entertaining to watch. It’s almost like cat reality TV.

My cat is like that from time to time, but she’s definitely got some annoying qualities. She gets very vocal, but at least with me home, she doesn’t wake me up during the night. She just loves getting attention, but she’s got a strange way of going about this.

My Girlfriend Is Blind by Mima Simić @ Firmuhment

Beautiful story by Mima Simić over @ the Firmuhment. It’s hard to imagine how life would be without sight.

Amanda Hocking & Indie Writing

I was pretty surprised when I read about this author, who’s been selling e-books like hotcakes. Amanda Hocking writes fiction, not tech or self-help books, which is even more interesting. Anyway, here a writeup by Eli James that I liked. Some of books have been optioned for film.


It’s a little past midnight, and a man gets out of a courtyard. He’s got a dog in tow and he’s walking quickly towards a nearby park. The dog follows his master obediently on the leash. It’s a French bulldog, all muscle and all clown. The owner is pulling the dogs along. He sees a bunch of stray dogs nearby, strangely clustered around a large container. The man doesn’t think too much about it and hurries onward.

Continue reading ‘Dogkill’

The List by Adelaide Docx @n+1

I really enjoyed this short story about an editor who has to make a list at his imprint of the people who’ll get fired. {via n+1}

My First Graduate School Rotation

Hilarious piece over at McSweeney’s. There is a comparison between a graduate school rotation and a buddy cop movie.

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer

While my day isn’t really like this, since I have deadlines every single weekday, I found this pretty funny to read. 185 unread posts in the feed reader? Try on 800. This is what happen on some days. Granted, there are quite a few that I just skim, but others that need to be read.

Galactic Rim & Virgo Supercluster

The Virgo Supercluster in reference to the Local Group

I’ve been working on a new story in the Galactic Rim universe. I have about 13,000 words written. I’ve taken some time to read my original 18,000 word manuscript and I have to say that I am a bit embarrassed. There are good ideas in it, but I know that I can write something much better now. It’s one of the reasons why I no longer post long form original creative fiction on my blog.

Why? It needs major edits. Those are hard to do all alone, but I’m working on them.

The original GR story needs a lot of work, and it’s hard to see where it is going, since it plays with time. I’ve thought about removing it from my blog, since the manuscript has changed a lot since I posted the stories, but I’ve decided against this. This new story is easier to write. I write about 1,000 words a day. My usual writing progression will lead me to start writing Symria again. Symria is my young adult fantasy novel that I started in late 2007. I didn’t write much in 2009.

Anyway, I’m liking the new story. It’s pretty cool and still hard science-fiction. I’ve had to relocate the story in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, simply because the Perseus Arm, where the story originally took place, is too far away from Sol, 6,500 light-years to be exact. The Orion Arm is a minor arm, 3,500 light-years across by 10,000 light-years long. The Orion Arm is also called the Local Spur, the arm in which Sol is located. It’s ample for my story.

Hard science-fiction means no faster than light ships, no warp or jump engines.

If you check out that link on the image, you’ll find a 5MB map of the local supercluster, which is mind-blowing. Space is extremely vast. It’s easy to forget when you’re writing science-fiction.

The Virgo Supercluster (Virgo SC) or Local Supercluster (LSC or LS) is the irregular supercluster that contains the Local Group, which in turn contains the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. At least 100 galaxy groups and clusters are located within its diameter of 33 megaparsecs (110 million light-years). It is one of millions of superclusters in the observable Universe. {via Wikipedia}

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