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Nike Air Foamposite One Premium “Fighter Jet” Review

7,000 Sticky Notes Make up This Super Mario Stop-Motion Animation

Sticky notes are a useful office tool. I can’t get enough of them, and after years of use I don’t know how many I’ve used. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this many sticky notes used in a single animation.

post it life super mario sticky notes animation

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Mad Men 8-Bit YouTube Game: NintenDo-nDraper

This interactive 8-bit-style YouTube game uses the choose-your-own-adventure ethos to prepare you for the next season of Mad Men. It was created by The Fine Brothers with music and animation by pixel artist Doctor Octoroc (Levi Buffum).

interactive mad men game

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HP HD 5210 Webcam Lets You Skype in Hi-Def: Is That a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

I’m always annoyed at the low resolution I have on my integrated webcam, so it makes sense to get something with a more pixels. HP’s HD 5210 will allow you to Skype in HD, which can be good or bad, depending on how you’re looking that day. Actually, it’s probably all good for most of us.


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Animated Augmented Reality Tattoo Sings a Little Song

This isn’t just a any old tattoo, but it’s actually an animated augmented reality tattoo, which in my book makes it awesomesauce. However, I still wouldn’t want one on my skin. Would you?

qr code tattoo karl marc interactive animation techno

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What Microsoft’s Kinect Looks Like In Infrared: Spooky!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you must be aware that Microsoft has just released their Wii-competitor. It’s an accessory that works with your Xbox 360 and it’s called Kinect. What’s really interesting is how the Kinect works when looked at with an infrared camera.

ir microsoft kinect video games gestures

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super mario sex tape (slightly nsfw)

Even though this clip is an oldie, it is a goodie. After finding out what Mario looks like naked, I guess the next step is finding out what happens when he visits Princess Peach.

super mario sex tape princess video games nintendo

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Addidas Star Wars Cantina

How to Destroy Angels – The Space in Between

Great song by Trent Reznor’s new outfit How to Destroy Angels. Their eponymous EP will be released this summer.

You can listen to the first track, A Drowning, here. I really like it as well.

The music of Nine Inch Nails has reportedly been used by the U.S. military as music torture to break down the resolve of detainees.[118] Reznor objected to the use of his music in this way with the following message on the front page of the Nine Inch Nails website: “It’s difficult for me to imagine anything more profoundly insulting, demeaning and enraging than discovering music you’ve put your heart and soul into creating has been used for purposes of torture. If there are any legal options that can be realistically taken they will be aggressively pursued, with any potential monetary gains donated to human rights charities. Thank GOD this country has appeared to side with reason and we can put the Bush administration’s reign of power, greed, lawlessness and madness behind us.”[119]

[NIИ] redeemed itself in my opinion with the release of its subsequent albums after The Fragile ['99]. While the album wasn’t that bad, it was a disappointment after Broken/Fixed, The Downward Spiral/Further Down the Spiral, and naturally Pretty Hate Machine. Although Broken is kind of a one-trick pony, I sincerely love those songs, especially Gave Up. The accompanying video was also very interesting, although slightly/moderately disturbing. I’ve seen [NIИ] a few times in Montreal. It’s quite an experience to see them live.

Naturally, I have been a minimal techno DJ in the past, so Ghosts I-IV was really right up my alley. I loved that disc. If you find that How to Destroy Angels video disturbing, don’t watch the Broken videos

Confessions of a Hipster

I’m a purist when it comes to Helvetica, and I just felt sick when I realized that I was typing in Arial.

My life is beyond your comprehension.

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