Wednesday Season 1 Review (Netflix)

I had been looking forward to Wednesday for a while. It’s been a while since we had anything that interesting from Tim Burton, and I was intrigued. There’s always been a fascination with the character of Wednesday Addams, the dead-an morbid comments from a child. In this series, she’s a teenager and played by a teenage star, Jenna Ortega.

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Publication @TheMemoirs Has Resumed

With the turmoil on Twitter, I’ve decided to resume publication here. Hopefully, you should see new content every day/week. I’ve enjoyed using Mastodon (@djrange) for the last couple of weeks. The atmosphere is definitely better than bird site, which is giving me dumpster fire vibes.

An Indian Desi on the Storytree

The flamboyant dilettante called me by name. I was shocked. My eyes danced over what was visible of his face, most of which was hidden behind the masks that we all wear. I didn’t recognize him. How did he know my name? A few moments later, I realized that I was still wearing my nametag. I’ve been so used to passing politely unobserved that someone calling me out like this was tantamount to heresy.

Vikram was his name, and he was from another office. He had long curly hair, in the typical Indian way, and I realized that he was a kindred spirit when he took off his mask to take a drink. He called us both American Desi, in veiled camaraderie, fighting against the stigma of being brown on this island nation.

I was confused for a moment, since I had heard American daisy, but quickly realized that he meant some kind of kinship, a kinship of being born in a land that was not our own, being different from everyone else around us, being outsiders for most of our lives.

Later, it all made sense.

Destiny 2: Duality S17 Dungeon, Best Ever?

Friday at reset, the new dungeon released for Destiny 2. Destiny endgame PvE content has always been very good. The last two dungeons that released were pretty good, Grasp of Avarice in December, and Prophecy during Season of Arrivals. According to Bungie, we’ll be getting a reprised raid, à la VoG, next season and another dungeon in S19.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted S17 First Impressions

I’m not sure with the way that Bungie was going on about keeping everything secret about this season. They were going to keep it like this until a couple of hours before launch. It seems a bit odd. The most recent TWABs didn’t give many details. They talked about sandbox changes and some upcoming features, like how they plan on changing seasonal events. They didn’t talk at all about what’s coming. It went so far as people speculating that both Arc and Solar 3.0 were coming at the same time or that the season was delayed.

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Destiny 2: Things to Finish at the End of the Season & Last TWAB

The season is wrapping up, and many players are taking a break. I finished my Master Vow runs on the weekend. I might continue to do some Master Vow Rhulk Cps in the future, but there’s no reason to do them until the challenge is active again.

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Star Trek Picard S02: The Woke Shitification of Trek

I’m sort of speechless. It’s terrible. It’s so bad. It’s worse than I could ever imagine. How could they turn one of my favorite characters, Jean-Luc Picard, into this BS? Writers who don’t know their source material, like idiots rewriting bullshit. It’s the worst Trek series, and it’s terrible TV.

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Apple’s Stellar Severance S01 In A Corporate World

Someone recommended Severance to me. The way I usually gauge new shows is that one recommendation isn’t enough to sway me, but I waited for a couple to make a more significant impact before diving into it. I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a reason why Netflix is freaking out. The way to go is to have more curated experience in shows, to go for quality over quantity. This is probably one of the best TV shows that’s I’ve seen in a while, in a world filled with ST: Picard (🗑).

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

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Batman 2022: Way Better Than I Expected From The Twilight Universe

The release of the new Batman movie came and passed, and to be honest, I wasn’t that interested as soon as I heard that the titular role had been taken over by Robert Pattinson, infamous for his Twilight fame. It didn’t help the movie that it was about three hours long. However, it’s very good.

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