inside man review


spike lees latest explores a perfect bank robery perpetrated by a gang so organized by their leader dalton russell, played by clive owen, that everyone ends up confused. its a bluff within a bluff. the crew enter a bank posing as painters, take control of the bank within minutes, and sequester the patrons in an airtight manner. nypd hostage negotiators frazier (d.washington) and mitchell (c.ejiofor) take over the scene to try and end the hostage situation. they work with esu cpt darius (w.dafoe) to try to end the hostage crisis.

however, all doesnt go according to plan. russell is a most clever opponent, unflinching, and uncannily sticking to his meticulous plan without deviations. he wistfully confuses the hostages as well as the authorities, enough so that the situation looks like its spiraling out of control. the robbers seem to always be a step ahead of the cops, fooling frazier as a grandmaster of chess fools his apprentice at every turn. things take a surprising turn when the banks chairman arthur case (c.plummer) hires a shadowy power broker and influence peddler madeline white (j.foster) to request a meeting with russell.

with new questions arising at every juncture, frazier and mitchell try to outwit the robbers, but seem impossible outclassed. as frazier starts to suspect other organizations acting with their own objectives.

the whole bank robbery doesnt revolve around money or a heist. it revolves around an enveloppe that contains incriminating evidence, that the crew want to absolutely lift. in a most spectacular way, this addictive thriller leaves you wondering what will happen next, and when it unfolds, it surprises you. lee is able to twist the premise of a simple bank robbery movie into something else, that still is able to examine economic classes and race.

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Lost Season 3 Spoilers And Analysis

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/* This article was updated on the 22nd of March 2007.

Here are the latest recaps and reviews posted on The Memoirs. Enjoy!

This article has been updated with more analysis on the 22nd of March 2007.


It has been rumored and somewhat confirmed that Widmore Construction, Charles Widmore’s company, is behind the building of the stations of the Dharma Initiative on the island. We also have gathered that Sun’s fathers company, Paek Heavy Industries is also involved. The producers have said that the overall themes for the 3rd season of Lost will be relationships. Between Penny and Desmond, between Charlie and Claire and Others. Also, the first episodes will cover the others and their motivations and governing principles.

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george leaves bbuk and bbau update


george left the bbuk house after citing that he could not handle the fame after having lived in the bb house. he has been skittish for the last few days, being somewhat moody, getting molested by lea and thinking about his reputation afterward. george is distantly related to the royal family and his own family was actually against him entering bbuk.

the group dynamics have changed with the addition of aisleyne and sam. sam has somewhat bonded with nikki and mikey, grace, imogen and sezer have already been bitching about aisleyne. naturally this is expected when another pretty girl enters a space where other pretty girls have, grace and imogen, have already established their territory and their dominance. i like grace, i enjoy her no nonsense attitude and that she does have a fabulous body. however, this ganging up is somewhat disturbing. it was discussed on this mondays big brain. the way group dynamics work, is that the group will bond when they have to meet a common threat. this way, sleazer, dimogen, disgrace and mikey are bonding in order to face the entry of a new hm that is seen by the girls as a threat to their current position.

there has actually been some confusion about sam. sam is a cross dresser, he is a man, but lives his daily life as a girl. he is preop, having had no transgender surgery. there has been some grumbling by the fans about the leniency of bb to allow the hm to talk about noms. normally, they arent allowed to do this at all. in bbau, the hm are actually fined by talking money of the final prize and time spent in a punishment room.

i think pretty much everybody is sick from nikkis constant moaning, tantrums, complaining and indencency. shes gonna get the boot if shes nominated. the other targets that seem to have appeared are probably lea. glyn has solidified his position by spending time with both groups and getting out of his shell, after shabang finally left.

lea walkers starring role in an adult movie has been seen lurking around the web. i was debating about if i would post a link about it and decided otherwise. ive decided to keep this blog clean of that. suffice it to say that if you know totallycrap, you will find it.

it is suprising though that 4 hm have left within 13 days. bb has already added two new hm to compensate, hell probably add another one to even it up. the noms are probably going to square off graces and sezer group vs lea and richards, with glyn, pete and new hm stuff in the middle.
in the under the radar vote that finished today on bbau, john and krystal joined camilla, dino and jade on the nomination block. dani had used her 3 points from her reward to save krystal off the noms. however, the housemates were not aware of this, and since in bbau the housemates can not talk about the noms, nobody was aware of this. this all stems from the voice stress analyzer interviews bbau conducted last saturday.

in day 37s adults only, we say krystals full package as she tried to woe gaelan off his feet in the bath last tuesday. also, gretel had a somewhat heated argument with michael about editing, because the footage shown recently suggested that michael and david had kissed. in reality, with a different angle, this was not so and michael was commenting on that. gretel wasnt happy at all with this and took his comments as an attack towards her and the bbau show. they set the record straight after showing the footage from a different angle, clearly showing that michael and david did not kiss.

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two new housemates in bbuk

200x150_bb7_hms_aisleynesam.jpg in a shocking but expected development, after the departure of shabang and ejection of dawn, as well as the eviction of bonneh, two new housemates were the prizes of todays meal or no meal competition. the two new housemates are sam, an 18-year-old male cross-dresser, and aisleyne, a blonde promotions girl from London. the housemates arent aware yet that sam is a cross-dresser.

in bb australia, michael, the old insider got evicted yesterday after a large number of nominations from the housemates, who still dont trusted him for lying about being the insider. what they dont know, is that jade is the new insider. though her job as an insider isnt going to well, since shes already been nominated for eviction.

camilla and dino are the other new nominees for this week eviction. this is the 4th week that camilla is nominated. gaelan, ashley, krystal, john and claire are up for nomination in a “under the radar” vote by the public, which will end on tuesday. the winner will also be nominated for eviction. this all comes out the voice stress analyzer test that the housemates took on saturday. most amusing, since we could clearly who was lying and who wasnt. too bad claire is up for the vote, because she was probably the most honest, however bb does not like housemates flying under the radar. gaelan and krystal finally hooked up on friday, after having not done anything on tuesday. they snogged beneath the covers.

what really screwed michael up is that he took it upon himself to be another insider. whilst he was tasked by bb, the public vote was still with him, because he actually had no choice but to follow bb wishes. however, when he started hiding cutlery and toothbrushes, the public overwhelmingly voted for his eviction.

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x-men 3 box-office hit

as i predicted, x-men 3 was a box-office hit. the 3rd installment in the x-men franchise garned an estimated 107 million in sales for the first three days of the memorial holiday. on its opening day, x-men had 45.5 million in sales, only trailing star wars episode 3 with 50 million.

this is probably a relief to all those hollywood execs, since the blockbusters were having a hard time in the last year. spider-man released in may 2002 had the biggest opening weekend with 114.8 million, followed by star wars episode 3 with 108.4 and shrek 2 at 108 million.

it actually beat the other x-men movies in the franchise. the first x-men in 2000 had attracted 54.5 million and x2 in 2003 had 85.6 million.

one interesting tidbit is that even if most of the movie takes place in tha bay area and san fransisco, no actor set foot in the city and almost no live action film shot here. its virtually certain now that the x-men franchise will continue with at least another movie.

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lost podcast and info about season 3


a podcast from the producers of lost damon lindelof and carlton cuse has just been made available. it gives cues on the next season of lost. this follows up on the lost season 3 spoilers revealed earlier. and you can read all of the lost posts from this blog here.

season 3 begins late september and will have 6 consecutive episodes to start, witha mini cliffhanger episode followed by a 3 month break. lost starts up again in february non-stop till the finale, without reruns.

the foot with four toes, that jin, sun and sayid saw whilst sailing around the island will be covered in season 3.

consequences of the destruction of the hatch will be made apparent. the producers hint that desmond is still alive.

as previously revealed, the first episodes will deal with the others and why jack, kate and sawyer were taken by them.

one of the more interesting tidbits in the lost season finale was the shot of a gigantic statue, with only the foot remaining. i dont know what was more intriguing, the fast that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it only had four toes. it reminds me of the colossus of rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. it also makes me think of the achilles heel.

an interesting series of articles on lost and the shooting of lost in hawaii, available on msnbc. look at the bottom to see the series of posts. funny to see so much interest on a rival tv channel.

another interesting series of podcasts on lost are from jay and jack. be advised, the one covering the lost finale is 1h40 long! it includes a full recap and analysis.

here are the most interesting lost merchandise. im perusing the magazine right now and i have the novel. while i get through that, here is an exerpt.


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friday night live big brother australia

in a most surprising turn on the friday night live show on big brother australia, krystal had a fear factor style eat off against danielle, on of the intruders that has been in the house for only a week. friday night live is a competition show between the housemates where they square off on challenges. the winner wins a 2 night stay in the reward room with another housemate, a feast, the ability to assign house chores to the other housemates and the ability to take 3 nomination points of anyone during nomination night.

the highlight of the evening was the two girls eating the most disgusting stuff available, including wasabi, fish eyes, pig eyes, sheeps tongue, liver and other gross stuff. all of the past competitions have been won by the boys.

it ended off in a tie breaker. it consisted in the first to finish off a whole onion. danielle won. a most impressive win and she took john with her to the rewards room.

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