2006 BMW M5 E60

im going mad for this sedan. msrp in canada is about 120000 CAD. its about 90000 CAD in the US, since the canadian dollar is so high. right now i drive a 2004 subaru wrx sti. the m5 is unique in its slot for the moment. audi 2006 rs4 with 420 hp is a smaller sedan, the size of the bmw 3 series. the new 2007 audi s6 is coming out with a 5.2l fsi v10 from the lamborghini gallardo, since audi / vw owns lambo. the rumors are that a twin turbo rs6 is due out next year. the 2007 s8 also has a similar engine with 450 hp i think. the s6 is already in direct competition with the m5, how will the rs6 stand up? maybe with a dsg gearbox and close to 600 hp would be my guess. price is probably going to be an issue. the 2003 rs6 was already at 100000 CAD. now the rs4 is at 100000 CAD. i imagine the rs6 will be close to 120000 CAD. thats a lot of money. one third of my condo.

until the s6 comes out in north america, the cls 55 amg is pretty much the only competitor in this segment. but i guess, then its again all about the bimmer vs merk debate. even if jeremy clarkson found the idrive and the sat nav woman super anoying as well as the multitude of settings, i believe most m5 owners enjoy fiddling with that sort of thing. i know i would.

technobubble36.gif m5

Author: range

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