running scared 2006

i saw running scared last weekend. i was relatively surprised at how entertaining it was. production, cinematography and some nice plots. at the end, the plot twists seem like something out of 24, but they are still entertaining. i enjoyed watching this thriller for adults, with nudity and violence. no soft pg13 rating here. graphic violence like something out of zatoichi (2003) with takeshi kitano. most american audiences will have problems with that. those that are somewhat versed in asian cinema will enjoy these scenes in an american movie. wayne kramer, writer and director of this film, did a decent job. its not the type of movie youd expect out of hollywood. but ever since hostel, there is a definite movie towards more gory movies. this is just another spin on it. more european in its production. imdb credits this as a german/usa production.

the acting was decent. vera farmiga played one sexy wife, some enjoyable scenes at the beginning of the move, johnny messner played a good bad guy right off his stint in the tv cancelled tv show killer instinct, and paul walker… well paul walker plays the same part in all his movies, with lots of screaming and shouting. and possible some running. but like tom cruise in minority report, it doesnt take too much away from the entertainment factor.

kramer tries to pull himself off as a new guy ritchie, david fincher or quentin tarantino. he does fall short of those directors. i own most ritchie, fincher and tarantino movies. i would not want to buy running scared. its a rental for a night with the guys.

reading rotten tomatoes and mr cranky gives any movie a new perspective.

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