born rich, jamie johnson

i heard about jamie johnsons new movie the one percent on the blogosphere and wondered about his first documentary. the reviews were bad for this one, and im not suprised. its pretty bad. first of all, if you have a speach impediment, dont narrate your own movies, find someone else to do it. this doc could have been really interesting, instead it showed how trapped the rich are by their wealth. poor me, im rich! im going to be worth 20 billion at age 21, and i dont know what to do. he should have gone more in depth and used less interviews. 

stephanie ercklentz, titled financial heiress, said that she shops most of the time. she tried a career at merril lynch as an investment banker/analyst, working from 7am to 10pm, and finally could not handle her friends going out without her, so she quit. when everything is given to you, there is no drive or ambition to do things for yourself. 

technobubble36.gif born rich

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