im taking victoria day 06 to catch up on the sopranos season 6. except for season 4 which was a bit weak, im really enjoying the new season. ive finally gotten up to date, even last nights episode. plotwise, its interesting, but it seens that some plot themes are reused, such as chrissys drug use. 

aj is a acting like a total looser, he hasnt grown up. chris got married and tony is still seeing a therapist. the shit just hit the fan with atlantic city. vito, a capo who was outed out, escaped, had a weird gay love affair in new hampshire, came back and was wacked by johnnys boy phil. however, since vito was a capo for tony, this has started some bad blood, since the two families shouldnt interfere with eachother this way. another capo, from johnny side just got wacked.  

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