lost they live together and die alone

one heck of an episode, 23-24, that ended the second season with more questions than answers. we get desmond humes story, about his fiancee penny widmore, how her dad tried to seperate them. desmond enrolled in a race around the world sponsored by charles widmore. he gets his boat, the elizabeth, from libby whom he meets in a cafe. we see the other side of the encounter with jack, when he is confronted with penny, talks to her about her upcoming wedding, and leaves. he crashed on the island and was found by kelvin, who was sayids cia trainer to become a torturer/interrogator. kelvin says "i know when others follow me, ive been a spy" when confronted by desmond when he tried to flee the island. at that time, desmond just makes it back in time to stop the countdown, whilst a weird electromagnetic event occurs. that same event crashed oceanic flight 817. he discovers a letter from penny, that she had inserted in his unread book, knowing that desmond would only read it if he was close to his death. after the lostaways enter the hatch, desmond escapes and gets on his boat, that kelvin had repaired and escapes, only to reappear at the end of episode 22.

michael was revealed a traitor and a murderer to everyone, jacks backup plan backfired when they were ambushed by the others. the backup plan consisted of sayid, jin and sun sailing to do some scouting ahead of jacks party. while sailing, they see the four toed foot of a giant statue, reminding the colossos of rhodes, one of the 8 wonders of the ancient world. sayid discovers what a lot of people have known, that the camp is a fake as well as their hatch. jacks party discovers a field of messages, that the observers from station pearl sent through the tubes. there are hundreds of them, including lockes drawing of the map that he had sent through a tube. pearl is the station that is meant to observe station swan, the one the lostaways found. we learn that mr friendly, aka tom, is not the leader. he takes off his beard after kate confronts him, and they await unhenry who comes ashore with a boat. they release michael and tell him to escape with his boy following compass setting 325. i am surprised that the others, after having put so much effort into finding walt, simply let him leave with his father. hugo is sent back to the lostaways, and my guess is that jack, kate and sawyer are recruited into the fold by the others. we will probably learn a lot when the new season debutes in october 2006. my guess is that the electromagnetic fields and eddies make navigating to the island next to impossible. its interesting to know that there is a way out. probably the others know of a way back. also, the lostaways have received supplies by plane, meaning that planes can fly over the island.

most of the episode concentrated on flashbacks on desmond. we see desmond being dishonorably discharge by the british army and meeting pennys dad, charles widmore. widmore confronts desmond with all the letters that she had written to him, that widmore had intercepted and a large payoff, for him to disappear, since penny is getting married soon. the other main plot element was eko, charlie, desmond and locke trying to let the counter of 108 minutes elapse without doing anything. locke is convinced that nothing will happen. desmond examines the printouts and realises that the arrival of the lostaways coincides with the time that he almost didnt make it to the console to stop the event, the day that kelvin died. he realises in the final minutes that if they dont push the button, everybody will die. locke is in a rage and destroys the console. desmond looks for the key that he took off kelvin for the backup option. he manages to halt the event, but not before a strange, loud, purple electromagnetic field enveloppes the island, and its whine keeps getting louder and louder until its stopped by desmond. we dont know the fate of locke, desmond and eko. it is unkown if the event is a consequence of the machinerie or of the island. charlie makes it out and kisses claire. charlie acts strange.

the main parts of plot are revealed towards the end, when a station in an arctic enviroment, staffed by two brazilians speaking portugese and playing check notice the text "electromagnetic anomaly detected" on a computer screen and phone a woman, who is revealed to be penny widmore. its supposed that she has discovered the location of the island, since by the sayings of unhenry, "once you leave this island, you can never come back". unhenry could be either a widmore, alvar hanso, or someone else of the executive staff of the hanso foundation.

lost ressources: dharma secrets, wiki lost archive 

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