lost season 3 spoilers

some interesting spoilers from spoilerfix.com/lost.php

05/26 – I just received some exclusive intel on the new characters joining Lost. In addition to the two female roles, the show is also adding a new hunk. Descriptions are: Female, 30s, with leadership qualities. Female, early 20s, very attractive. Male, Latino, early 20s, handsome, mysterious quality. My guess? These are some of the "background" survivors that Carlton Cuse told me would emerge next season. Source: The Ausiello Report
05/26 – Next season will be about the Others, as led by the oblique Henry Gale (played by Michael Emerson, who will join the regular cast). Mr. Cuse listed what viewers will learn about the Others by this time next year: "Who are these people? How many of them are there? What is their history? What are they trying to accomplish?" Source: New York Times

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6 responses to “lost season 3 spoilers”

  1. UU Avatar

    We’ve seen the monster, we just don’t know it yet.

  2. range Avatar

    Lost is definitely one of the most perplexing TV shows I’ve seen. The 2nd season took a while for me to grow on, but I enjoyed it a lot towards the end.

  3. Andrew Avatar

    I’m pretty that those cast descriptions were for season 2. Eg. Ana-Lucia = leadership qualities. Libby = early 20s, very attractive. and Eko = Male, mysterious quality. I read that they changed latino to black. I’m pretty sure I read this before season 2 started, so I dont think this is season 3 news.

  4. HIM Avatar

    The 4 toed foot is from Athens Greece and it is my creation. Check my IP address and you will see I live in Athens Greece and I created it. I will be on the island arriving from my home in Greece sometime in late October.

    Watch for my foot.

  5. ikek Avatar

    walt and micheal leeve the island on a boat supplied by the others after micheal completes some tasks for them u lot r sad

  6. english girl Avatar
    english girl

    omg how good is lost i mean come on and who is ikek calling sad the dosser

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