x-men the last stink

well, another x-men movie is out and wow, its a stinker! the main problem here is that bryan singer, of the usual suspects and house tv series, was approached to direct superman returns after problems with the current director brett ratner, of rush hour fame. as it turns out, fox did want to keep the scheduled release of summer 2006 for x-men, so singer and he team chose to do superman instead. ironically, the director whose job he replaced got hired to do x-men. so, for summer superheroes, wed best wait for superman, which has cost approximately uptodate 290$ millions.

contrary to what was originally posted, only one x-man dies. another one is missing, presumed dead, and another one survives at the end of the credits. thx paul

instead of pursuing the cameos of x2, ratner the rat chose to do something completely different. chose to say that the phoenix is actually the "dark" side of jean grey and that the phoenix force has nothing to do with it. so "dark" phoenix is a superhuman killer. the other main part of the plot is that worthington labs, company of the father of warren worthington the third (angel), developped a "cure" for mutants. they got this from a child mutant that hey have been studying. seems that ratner ratster got some elements of his plot from x2, remember the psi mutant that controlled everyone. btw, 2 main characters die within 20 minutes, and another dies before the end.

for the uninitiated, the phoenix force is a primordial energy being that roams the universe, destroying things here and there. it is the guardian of the omicron crystal. it comes to earth, entranced by jean grey and takes control of her. she becomes the phoenix and is überpowerful, her energy is like the energy of a burning sun, thats why there was a reflection of fire in the water at the end of x2. anyways, phoenix becomes a slave to the dark urges of humankind and becomes a force of destruction, the dark phoenix. it would have made a great story.

back to the "plot". of course, magneto doesnt stand for this, so he makes a stink by recruiting mutants for an army to fight for mutant rights. there is a lot of bashing and fighting before the day is through, wolverine acting like an idiot and not thinking about his adamantium skeleton, which is made out of metal.

the movie ends with all is well that ends well, minus 3 main characters, whos contract ran out i guess. magneto gets "cured", but aha, so that he can come back, ratner shows that magneto still has some powers left. famke jansen spends most of the movie looking confused and pissed, barely saying a few words. well see how it does at the box office, im not sure there will be another x-men movie. maybe a spin-off with wolverine. that would definitely be popular.

check this out, this is off imdb. i guess fox paid him pretty well, cause it looks like we didnt see the same movie.

In conclusion, I'd say the X-Men trilogy ended up really well. However, one has to note this is the worst movie in the trilogy; not for being genuinely bad, but because it feels sometimes rushed. However, I have to note that the final act of the movie will leave your jaws open. There are tons of surprises, and discovering who dies and who loses their powers is enough to bring the toughest X-Men fan to tears. Here in Cannes, the audience seemed to have really enjoyed this movie, and I am part of that audience. "X-Men: The Last Stand" is a marvelous, action-filled comic book brought to life, with loads of drama and lots of surprises.

contrary to this wanker, i think that the x-men the last stink is so bad thats its not even a rental. glad i didnt pay for that crap. "… to bring the toughest x-men fan to tears …" ? what are you on anyway? its a bad movie, id give it a 3.5. maybe a 4 out of 10.

i love a good rant.

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4 responses to “x-men the last stink”

  1. phonefiles Avatar

    I have read The Xmen books for 25 years and didn't have a problem with the changing of the Pheonix from a force of nature to Jean Grey's dark side. Suppressed emotions and a split personality are far easier for a mainstream audience to grasp than a galactic force. Also, if Dark Pheonix was true to the comic original you would have had to introduce the Shi'ar and the starjammers, far to big a storyline to fit into two hours. Not forgetting starjammers = Scott Summers father storyline. The rest of the plot apart from the pheonix was straight out of the comics, and all the better for it. If you have a huge body of great stories, why not pick some of the best as the basis for the film? Your comments about how much Superman Returns has cost so far is pretty irrelevant. Remember Waterworld? I don't know how much X3 cost but I was very impressed with the effects. I'm very picky about bad SFX and I didn't see any.
    One last thing, your comment about three main characters dying is innacurate. One dies, one is missing pressumed dead (not confirmed), and if you had waited until the end of the film after the end credits you would have found out the third is still alive.

  2. range Avatar

    i have been a comicbook fan and collector for over 16 years. for the split personality thing with phoenix, i find its just the easy way out. yes they would have to include the starjammers and the shi’ar, but wouldnt you have liked to see what bryan singer would have done with it? the whole x-men movie franchise seems to be the same movie over and over again, and i find the last stand nauseating, to say the least.

    im sorry, but the rest of the plot is just plain recycled from the other movies and some from the comics. the x-men have a great body of stories a whole lot better than the one they used for this movie. the whole movie seems rushed and hurried, which it is. i find it funny and ironic that the old director brett ratner from superman returns was hired to do this movie after problems with superman, and the director of the x-men movies, bryan singer, goes to do the superman movie.

    well, paul, it seems you are right, prof xavier has transferred his mind into the patient of moira mctaggert. doesnt really change the fact that this movie is horrid. but, after having seen some media coverage, there will be a x-men 4.

    nobody really cares about who and who dies, since this is such a bad flick. really. i have watched hundreds of movies and yes, i had a career reviewing them professionaly for a newspaper, a radio show and a webzine, and this will be forgotten tomorrow.

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