friday night live big brother australia

in a most surprising turn on the friday night live show on big brother australia, krystal had a fear factor style eat off against danielle, on of the intruders that has been in the house for only a week. friday night live is a competition show between the housemates where they square off on challenges. the winner wins a 2 night stay in the reward room with another housemate, a feast, the ability to assign house chores to the other housemates and the ability to take 3 nomination points of anyone during nomination night.

the highlight of the evening was the two girls eating the most disgusting stuff available, including wasabi, fish eyes, pig eyes, sheeps tongue, liver and other gross stuff. all of the past competitions have been won by the boys.

it ended off in a tie breaker. it consisted in the first to finish off a whole onion. danielle won. a most impressive win and she took john with her to the rewards room.

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8 thoughts on “friday night live big brother australia”

  1. hey you………. wat up my hommi.. sos os os os
    funny.. lick me..

    sos please someone come and rescue me cause im losing it…

  2. I have never really liked Dazza. He is sourly, moody and spiteful. Good riddance.

    Jamie might win, he’s definitely making it into the last week.

    Welcome to The Memoirs, guys.

  3. I Gemma and Paris, from what I have read, it looks like Max and Claire are going to go. Though this is not certain, we will see the results tonight.

    Welcome to The Memoirs.

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