two new housemates in bbuk

200x150_bb7_hms_aisleynesam.jpg in a shocking but expected development, after the departure of shabang and ejection of dawn, as well as the eviction of bonneh, two new housemates were the prizes of todays meal or no meal competition. the two new housemates are sam, an 18-year-old male cross-dresser, and aisleyne, a blonde promotions girl from London. the housemates arent aware yet that sam is a cross-dresser.

in bb australia, michael, the old insider got evicted yesterday after a large number of nominations from the housemates, who still dont trusted him for lying about being the insider. what they dont know, is that jade is the new insider. though her job as an insider isnt going to well, since shes already been nominated for eviction.

camilla and dino are the other new nominees for this week eviction. this is the 4th week that camilla is nominated. gaelan, ashley, krystal, john and claire are up for nomination in a “under the radar” vote by the public, which will end on tuesday. the winner will also be nominated for eviction. this all comes out the voice stress analyzer test that the housemates took on saturday. most amusing, since we could clearly who was lying and who wasnt. too bad claire is up for the vote, because she was probably the most honest, however bb does not like housemates flying under the radar. gaelan and krystal finally hooked up on friday, after having not done anything on tuesday. they snogged beneath the covers.

what really screwed michael up is that he took it upon himself to be another insider. whilst he was tasked by bb, the public vote was still with him, because he actually had no choice but to follow bb wishes. however, when he started hiding cutlery and toothbrushes, the public overwhelmingly voted for his eviction.

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