x-men 3 box-office hit

as i predicted, x-men 3 was a box-office hit. the 3rd installment in the x-men franchise garned an estimated 107 million in sales for the first three days of the memorial holiday. on its opening day, x-men had 45.5 million in sales, only trailing star wars episode 3 with 50 million.

this is probably a relief to all those hollywood execs, since the blockbusters were having a hard time in the last year. spider-man released in may 2002 had the biggest opening weekend with 114.8 million, followed by star wars episode 3 with 108.4 and shrek 2 at 108 million.

it actually beat the other x-men movies in the franchise. the first x-men in 2000 had attracted 54.5 million and x2 in 2003 had 85.6 million.

one interesting tidbit is that even if most of the movie takes place in tha bay area and san fransisco, no actor set foot in the city and almost no live action film shot here. its virtually certain now that the x-men franchise will continue with at least another movie.

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