george leaves bbuk and bbau update


george left the bbuk house after citing that he could not handle the fame after having lived in the bb house. he has been skittish for the last few days, being somewhat moody, getting molested by lea and thinking about his reputation afterward. george is distantly related to the royal family and his own family was actually against him entering bbuk.

the group dynamics have changed with the addition of aisleyne and sam. sam has somewhat bonded with nikki and mikey, grace, imogen and sezer have already been bitching about aisleyne. naturally this is expected when another pretty girl enters a space where other pretty girls have, grace and imogen, have already established their territory and their dominance. i like grace, i enjoy her no nonsense attitude and that she does have a fabulous body. however, this ganging up is somewhat disturbing. it was discussed on this mondays big brain. the way group dynamics work, is that the group will bond when they have to meet a common threat. this way, sleazer, dimogen, disgrace and mikey are bonding in order to face the entry of a new hm that is seen by the girls as a threat to their current position.

there has actually been some confusion about sam. sam is a cross dresser, he is a man, but lives his daily life as a girl. he is preop, having had no transgender surgery. there has been some grumbling by the fans about the leniency of bb to allow the hm to talk about noms. normally, they arent allowed to do this at all. in bbau, the hm are actually fined by talking money of the final prize and time spent in a punishment room.

i think pretty much everybody is sick from nikkis constant moaning, tantrums, complaining and indencency. shes gonna get the boot if shes nominated. the other targets that seem to have appeared are probably lea. glyn has solidified his position by spending time with both groups and getting out of his shell, after shabang finally left.

lea walkers starring role in an adult movie has been seen lurking around the web. i was debating about if i would post a link about it and decided otherwise. ive decided to keep this blog clean of that. suffice it to say that if you know totallycrap, you will find it.

it is suprising though that 4 hm have left within 13 days. bb has already added two new hm to compensate, hell probably add another one to even it up. the noms are probably going to square off graces and sezer group vs lea and richards, with glyn, pete and new hm stuff in the middle.
in the under the radar vote that finished today on bbau, john and krystal joined camilla, dino and jade on the nomination block. dani had used her 3 points from her reward to save krystal off the noms. however, the housemates were not aware of this, and since in bbau the housemates can not talk about the noms, nobody was aware of this. this all stems from the voice stress analyzer interviews bbau conducted last saturday.

in day 37s adults only, we say krystals full package as she tried to woe gaelan off his feet in the bath last tuesday. also, gretel had a somewhat heated argument with michael about editing, because the footage shown recently suggested that michael and david had kissed. in reality, with a different angle, this was not so and michael was commenting on that. gretel wasnt happy at all with this and took his comments as an attack towards her and the bbau show. they set the record straight after showing the footage from a different angle, clearly showing that michael and david did not kiss.

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