memoirs on a rainy day podcast #2

so here is the second podcast of memoirs on a rainy day. contrary to what i said before, i will podcast music, especially some nice indie music. here is this weeks playlist.

wolf parade – we built another world – apologies to the queen mary

camera obscura – lets get out of this country – lets get out of this country

the postal service – the district sleeps alone tonight – give up

download the mp3

the memoirs on a rainy day channel is 104665 on odeo

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memoirs on a rainy day podcast #1

hey, ive just recorder the first podcast of memoirs on a rainy day. unfortunately i cant embed the odeo flash player on this page, so ill just post a direct link to the mp3. its just a lazy saturday here in montreal, weather is beautiful and i was just toying around with my new headset from plantronics and skype. i tried out pamela, and since i had checked out odeo this week, i just recorded a quick podcast. enjoy.

memoirs on a raindy day podcast #1

or go the the memoirs on a rainy day channel 104665 on odeo

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x-men the last stink

well, another x-men movie is out and wow, its a stinker! the main problem here is that bryan singer, of the usual suspects and house tv series, was approached to direct superman returns after problems with the current director brett ratner, of rush hour fame. as it turns out, fox did want to keep the scheduled release of summer 2006 for x-men, so singer and he team chose to do superman instead. ironically, the director whose job he replaced got hired to do x-men. so, for summer superheroes, wed best wait for superman, which has cost approximately uptodate 290$ millions.

contrary to what was originally posted, only one x-man dies. another one is missing, presumed dead, and another one survives at the end of the credits. thx paul

instead of pursuing the cameos of x2, ratner the rat chose to do something completely different. chose to say that the phoenix is actually the "dark" side of jean grey and that the phoenix force has nothing to do with it. so "dark" phoenix is a superhuman killer. the other main part of the plot is that worthington labs, company of the father of warren worthington the third (angel), developped a "cure" for mutants. they got this from a child mutant that hey have been studying. seems that ratner ratster got some elements of his plot from x2, remember the psi mutant that controlled everyone. btw, 2 main characters die within 20 minutes, and another dies before the end.

for the uninitiated, the phoenix force is a primordial energy being that roams the universe, destroying things here and there. it is the guardian of the omicron crystal. it comes to earth, entranced by jean grey and takes control of her. she becomes the phoenix and is überpowerful, her energy is like the energy of a burning sun, thats why there was a reflection of fire in the water at the end of x2. anyways, phoenix becomes a slave to the dark urges of humankind and becomes a force of destruction, the dark phoenix. it would have made a great story.

back to the "plot". of course, magneto doesnt stand for this, so he makes a stink by recruiting mutants for an army to fight for mutant rights. there is a lot of bashing and fighting before the day is through, wolverine acting like an idiot and not thinking about his adamantium skeleton, which is made out of metal.

the movie ends with all is well that ends well, minus 3 main characters, whos contract ran out i guess. magneto gets "cured", but aha, so that he can come back, ratner shows that magneto still has some powers left. famke jansen spends most of the movie looking confused and pissed, barely saying a few words. well see how it does at the box office, im not sure there will be another x-men movie. maybe a spin-off with wolverine. that would definitely be popular.

check this out, this is off imdb. i guess fox paid him pretty well, cause it looks like we didnt see the same movie.

In conclusion, I'd say the X-Men trilogy ended up really well. However, one has to note this is the worst movie in the trilogy; not for being genuinely bad, but because it feels sometimes rushed. However, I have to note that the final act of the movie will leave your jaws open. There are tons of surprises, and discovering who dies and who loses their powers is enough to bring the toughest X-Men fan to tears. Here in Cannes, the audience seemed to have really enjoyed this movie, and I am part of that audience. "X-Men: The Last Stand" is a marvelous, action-filled comic book brought to life, with loads of drama and lots of surprises.

contrary to this wanker, i think that the x-men the last stink is so bad thats its not even a rental. glad i didnt pay for that crap. "… to bring the toughest x-men fan to tears …" ? what are you on anyway? its a bad movie, id give it a 3.5. maybe a 4 out of 10.

i love a good rant.

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bonneh evicted from bbuk

bonneh is the first housemate to be evicted from the bb house uk. this is in addition to shabang leaving on his own accord for being too annoying and dawn being ejected for cheating. bonneh took the news well, i guess she had been expecting it. lea, aka 49ddd, seems to be the one most affected by bonneh eviction. later on, nikki was complaining about how georgie porgie doesnt fancy her. i sure as hell hope so, cause she is one annoying bird. no one in their right mind would hook up with her on national tv. george is trying to go after grace, shes playing with mikey and him for the moment. and the 5 year old nikki is having a fit in the john.

imogen has rebuffed sezer attempts. she has given him the cold shoulder for the last day, stopped his paws from touching her, for the moment at least. no more kissy kissy lovey lovey for sezer the geezer. a part from that, im getting a laugh watching petes antics on bbuk.

bonneh. "efferyting n' efferyting" she says on her audition tape while holding up her shirt to show off her flabby belly. yuck. more on when i get the eviction footage in an hour.

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lost season 3 spoilers

some interesting spoilers from

05/26 – I just received some exclusive intel on the new characters joining Lost. In addition to the two female roles, the show is also adding a new hunk. Descriptions are: Female, 30s, with leadership qualities. Female, early 20s, very attractive. Male, Latino, early 20s, handsome, mysterious quality. My guess? These are some of the "background" survivors that Carlton Cuse told me would emerge next season. Source: The Ausiello Report
05/26 – Next season will be about the Others, as led by the oblique Henry Gale (played by Michael Emerson, who will join the regular cast). Mr. Cuse listed what viewers will learn about the Others by this time next year: "Who are these people? How many of them are there? What is their history? What are they trying to accomplish?" Source: New York Times

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social bookmarking

there is a surge of new sites and tools to manage your bookmarks. one thing thats important to know, is that bookmarks evolve. rarely will bookmarks from 5 years ago still be good. for this purpose, social bookmarking has evolved into a communal tool. its interesting to mark you favorite sites, tag them and then see other peoples favorites sites. tags are also the most important difference from normal bookmarks on your computer. they make navigating through your bookmarks a snap, and if you add tags correctly, you will always find relevant sites. to top that off, since youre using social bookmarking, you can see what other sites fall into the tag that you used.

navigating the web is like exploring the deep sea or an alien planet. what you will find depends on how you search for it. different tools will give you different results. you will find interesting things depending on the engines you use. i enjoy using technorati, google blog search, as well as for mp3 searches.

one of the most popular is, simple easy to use. has also appeared, as well as,, categoriz,, unalog,,, and blinklist,, are others. blummy is a small app that runs directly on most webpages to store some links. there is also google bookmarks available.

personally, i use and i tried out blummy and, who is a tagger of tagging sites. these sites also combine discussions and some also have online notebooks. i also use google notebook to note interesting things, like interesting pages that i found on wikipedia. i also tend to use microsoft office one note to note things that i might need offline. onenote is cool, since when you copy and paste things, it includes images and formatting, which can be useful or annoying.

i found lorelles blog on wordpress an interesting read last night for programming and maintaining blogs. though i find her other blog a bit of drag, visually especially. it looks like a 5 year old designed it. sorry, but you have to be frank in these sorts of things. i mean, i would love to design my own blog, instead of using a theme from wordpress. its in the works when i work out a hosting service. i still have a few subjects to cover in subsequent posts, such as news aggregators, media aggregators, podcasts and vblogs (video blogging). i think ill cover mobblogging too.

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toothbrushgate on bbau

mikey, the insider of the first few weeks has started pulling pranks for this week. he is frustrated for being nominated for eviction with john and camilla. the housemates dont know it, but there is a new insider, one of the intruders, jade, but she didnt have anything to do with it. dani isnt sure about having hooked up with dino, krystal wants to do something with gaelan, but he seems reluctant to do anything in the house. dino spent part of last night creating confetti with a holpuncher and coloured paper in the punishment room for having kept some sweets from katies birthday party.

mikey is just digging his own grave by acting out. this has created some conflict among the housemates. i think that the casting in bbau could have been done better. there are no very entertaining housemates, like pete in bbuk. its just young singles. hopefully some more conflict wil be created. i think that mikey should remain in the house, since he is creating some form of entertainment, he should stay. id evict john, since he doesnt do much.

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