How hot is it or the Friday afternoon quotation post

Interesting photo from keysofvirtue, I like the contrast between the orange, the greens of the lawn and the blue of the sky. In this post, it’s some quotes from me and others, some Big Brother, some authors, some science-fiction, some writing, blogging, widgets and more!

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Does digg suck or how Marc Fawzi dissects the new digg

In the still of the night

Looks like I stirred up some controversy with my rant on Warren Buffet and his billion dollar giveaway. I correct the atmosphere with this post, Buffet giving away money to charity is good. Bill Gates is bad. So there. Read on for some Big Brother, some photos, some tv reviews, some movie reviews and as usual, a lot of gorgeous photos.

The photo just above was taken in Lagos, intitled In The Still Of The Night. If you want to learn more about the photos featured in my posts, simply click on them and you will see the photographers flickr sites.

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Galactic Rim: The Navigator, Chapter VI

Relativistic speeds seen from the Nautilus

Fleet Captain Bobby Birondeau watched the readouts of the starship drive. He was comfortably tucked in his crèche. His senses were virtually linked to the ship system’s AI. There was no feeling like this one, the absolute freedom of being at one with the ship, traveling at interstellar speeds, having access to all of the ships sensors. He almost had an epiphany each time he did this. This was one of the main reasons he was a spacejock. To feel this free was indescribable and unexplainable to those who kept themselves tucked in their own bodies.

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Family rules or how Warren Buffet is giving away the world

Incredible pictures by Eric Carr. I love the green of the marsh and the beautiful lights from the sun. Just incredible. Flickr is a beautiful tool for all photographers, giving them the possibility to get publicity that you simply couldn’t before. I could spend days in the flickrverse. In this post, I cover some Big Brother, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, money and more!

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Galactic Rim: The Council, Chapter V

R. Vanu entered the Robot Council chambers more quickly than she had expected. I guess, this is more important than I had presumed, she thought whilst making haste. The corridor leading up to the council chamber was gravitic in nature. There was no physical corridor; it was created by the specific projection of a gravitic field that enabled the passers to move upwards, like they were floating. Humans wouldn’t be able to do this without freaking out, she thought, at least those without modified senses.

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Galactic Rim: The Robots, Chapter IV

R. Vanu Lickshaw approached the giant building she saw in front of her; the glass and metal interacted in the strangest way, creating optical illusions in her visual sensors. Like most humaniforms, she was a citizen of the hegemony of man. She was on the central planet of the Robotic Union, Parallax, one of the few totally robotic systems in the hegemony.

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Watch out for robots or how everybody wants to have money

Dandelion in the sky, stories in my head and insults on my tongue. Doesn’t get any better than this! In this post, I cover robots, some Big Brother, stories, tea, Battle Royale, web 3.0, digg, Apple, wealth, money, friends and more!

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Galactic Rim: The Admiral, Chapter III

Hayabusa overdrive

Bobby Birondeau kicked his Hayabusa into overdrive. The micro gravitic engines that laced the hull of his bike flared into action to propel him towards the city center of Lo- To-Dor through the air. The satellites that covered the planet were all tied into sophisticated radars and fed into the AIs of all vehicles in order to minimize accidents. They still happened, but rarely because of machines; mostly when humans tried to overrule the AIs. Their bad luck, the dumb shits, thought Bobby whilst he clocked a few Gs zigzagging through air traffic.

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Galactic Rim: Flashbacks, Chapter II

Used playbeing

Former Fleet Captain Bobby Birondeau scratched his nuts whilst waking up. This seemed a constant. Nuts get scratchy and this morning, they needed a good rub. He got out of the sleep coffin slowly. They were the only type of rooms that a solo like him could afford. He hadn’t always been this poor. Women, booze, cigars, air, all the modern conveniences cost credits and he was a sucker for all of them.

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Galactic Rim: Encounter, Chapter I

Relativistic speeds seen from space

Bobby Birondeau got up from his reefer coffin. He scratched his head before stepping out on the cold deck of the bridge. He felt like he was smashed by a truck. That’s what reefer sleep does to you. He grabbed his pack of cigs and took his first smoke in a decade.

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