frontline existed since 1983, as the flagship of public affairs series and documentaries, untarnished by anchors and hype, on pbs. what i most enjoy about frontline, is the approach and the absence of fear and ignorance when exploring a subject, be it the diet wars or corporate ceos, the insurgency in iraq and jesus christ. frontline has aired the first part of a two part documentary, called the age of aids, exploring the origins, the politics and the future of this centurys greatest pandemic.

i enjoyed learning how g.bush was able to become president, how karl rove, the architect of his ascension, used the grassroots christian movement to shape the vote and the future of the usa. i was horrified by the sex slaves doc, and am currently watching a series on muslims.

all the shows are available online, which is really great. i like how indepth most of the reports are. instead of just giving the headlines, they explore an issue indepth and give you a most democratic perspective on the subject. i find that most news reports and articles in newspapers only skim the surface of an issue. i find that god is in the details, the details of a matter are most important.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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